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Unearth - The Fallen (With Lyrics)

Song: The Fallen Artist: Unearth Album: Darkness in the Light Lyrics: Broken - the seems burst in a rush A catalysmic horror story pens its' lust Collision makes a call to change a certain path Full disbelief takes its hold Delay the wrath Delay wrath This is for the lost This is for the fallen You will remain in my world until I rest This unrelenting test The sting of memories has chased the shadow dark To chase them long enough would end in certain death No longer solid ground - Now grayed the autumn leaf A barren road Upon the pages of our path Bringing great calamity Contagious this loss will surely ruin There's great calamity ahead This is for the lost This is for the fallen For you'll remain in my world until I rest Until I rest You will remain


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