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HAZY VIBES Vol. 1 - an all-vinyl mix of independent & rare hip-hop - mixed by Subrhythmic

Tracklisting below - fully completed by listeners on May 21, 2014 :) HAZY VIBES is a 90 minute all-vinyl mix series by Subrhythmic (Skylar Hardenbrook - featuring independent, rare, and underground hip-hop from the early 1990s until present, with this particular series having an emphasis on jazz samples and brighter sound & atmospheres. All songs are VBR MP3 rips taken directly from records in my personal collection. Not all tracks may be available in full on YT at the time of posting, but I will be uploading most songs to my channel in the future if they are not already available somewhere. All record information can be found on Discogs, though. The tracklisting for my mixes will be purposely left blank initially. This is to encourage listeners to do their own digging in order to discover the artists -- listen to lyrics for artist drops and song titles, do independent research, unearth obscure artists and their output. That's a fundamental part of crate digging, and that's the whole point of my channel. If you can be the first to ID a track, post a comment, and your username will be featured in the annotation which will ID the track for viewers thereafter. However, if I receive an exceptional number of comments asking to ID a certain song, I'll probably just put up the title myself. GET (online) DIGGING! :) Please SHARE, LIKE, and FAVORITE this video! SUBSCRIBE to my channel for many future mixes like this! [0:00:00] Sektion 31 - Walk Alone [0:01:50] Quakes - In A Court (Lee Curtis Remix) [0:04:50] Illa-Dapted - Room Packin' Vibes (Sense 6 Mix) [0:07:08] Backlive - 1000 MCs [0:09:06] Constellation - For All The Heads [0:12:02] Scavone - Back In The Day [0:14:15] Underground Sound Unit - Hit The Jackpot [0:16:14] Poet Name Life - Principal States [0:17:55] Ruffnexx Sound System - Fire (Jazzamuffin Mix) [0:21:07] 3582 - Late Night [0:23:43] Group Home & Brainsick Mob - East NY Theory [0:25:49] Rebels Advocate - Panic In The Streets [0:28:26] J-Treds - Make It Happen [0:31:18] Siah & Yeshua DapoED - The Mystery [0:33:04] Godfather Don - Research [0:34:24] Sic Sense - Onemantality [0:36:18] DJ Lord Ron & Willmatic - BX 2 LA Konnect [0:38:30] Jayquan - 5 Mics [0:41:03] Shok Therapy - Padlock [0:43:33] The1Shanti - Last Days Of Rap [0:45:36] Jean Grae - Love Song [0:47:16] Doctor Becket - No Hezitation [0:49:28] Mic Dagger - Grey Clouds [0:50:29] Kombo - Time 4 A New Horizon [0:52:51] New Testament - Call Waiting [0:54:50] Everliven Sound - Where's Your Life Going? [0:56:09] Diversion Tactics - Militant [0:58:19] Xtracts Of Slang - Makin' Love [1:01:06] Scienz Of Life - Powers Of Nine Ether [1:03:21] Espionage - Mastermind [1:04:58] Mykill Miers - Soul Searchin [1:07:46] Xtracts Of Slang - How Does It Feel [1:09:46] Da Nation - Whatchuwantboo? (Cars & Cash) [1:12:32] Ill Advised - Against The Grain [1:15:35] Lost Island - Another Day [1:17:35] Natural Elements - Second Hand Smoke [1:20:42] Tilson - Action [1:22:18] Jigmastas - If [1:24:42] The Vinyl Junkies - What's The Meaning? [1:28:49] Doctor Becket - Truth Other hip-hop mix series on the way: CONCRETE RADIO - hard & dark hip-hop straight from the 90s gutter THE FUNK LOOP ERA - classic drum breaks & uptempo lyricism from the late 80s & early 90s Big ups to OGDonNinja ( for hip-hop digging/mix inspiration and promotion support for this mix. Big ups to all the other channels here on YT dedicated to bringing independent hip-hop and the rarest records to the online community. Enjoy!!! -- Skylar's crates:


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