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Van Halen

Van Halen

Van Halen Live In Indy 2012: FULL SHOW!! HD!!

Thanks to YouTube user MrMNRocker for this fantastic footage of the Van Halen concert in Indianapolis, Indiana on Feb. 22, 2012. I have talked with MrMNRocker and he gave me his blessings on putting his clips together and making a full show. Hope you guys like it. If you watch this video and read this description please, PLEASE, head over to his channel and leave a thank you to him in the channel comments. Also, if you like what you see there make sure to subscribe. And tell him MULLY sent you. (smile) Visit MrMNRocker's channel by clicking the link below.


Van Halen - The First 6 Albums (1978 - 1984)

Runnin' With The Devil 0:00 Eruption 3:35 You Really Got Me 5:18 Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love 7:56 I'm The One 11:46 Jamie's Cryin' 15:33 Atomic Punk 19:04 Feel ...

Van Halen - 1984 (Full Album) - 1984

Track List 1.) 1984: 00:01 2.) Jump: 01:08 3:) Panama: 05:12 4.) Top Jimmy: 08:46 5.) Drop Dead Legs: 11:48 6.) Hot For Teacher: 16:03 7.) I'll Wait: 20:47 8...

Van Halen - Van Halen (Full Album) 1978

Track List 1.) Runnin' With The Devil - 00:01 2.) Eruption - 03:36 3.) You Really Got Me - 05:18 4.) Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love - 07:57 5.) I'm The One - 11:47...

Van Halen - Live in Devore, CA(US) 1983 [Full Concert]

Van Halen - Panama (Music Video)

Panama music video by Van Halen.

Eddie Van Halen Les Paul Special Appearance 1988

Eddie Van Halen is introduced by Les Paul during Les Paul's 1988 cable/home video special. Eddie also performs a short guitar solo which includes "Cathedral"...

Van Halen - Fair Warning (Full Album) 1981

Mean Street 0:00 "Dirty Movies" 5:00 Sinner's Swing! 9:08 Hear About It Later 12:18 Unchained 16:53 Push Comes To Shove 20:23 So This Is Love? 24:13 Sunday A...

Van Halen - Eddie & Alex Talk of Sammy Leaving & Backstage Fight with David after 1996 Mtv VMA Show

Eddie & Alex Talk about why Sammy was no longer in Van Halen and what happened between Eddie and David backstage after the show ( originally Aired Late 1996)...

Van Halen - Tattoo

iTunes audio: Van Halen "A Different Kind Of Truth" Deluxe Album Music video by Van Halen performing Tattoo. @ 2012 The ...