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Van Helsing's Curse

Van Helsing's Curse

The Tubular Hell--Van Helsing's Curse

Image artists names below in the order their works appeared in this video The Black Book of Horror by pmoodie dark by LEX2FLEX The Dark Ages by JonasDeRo That Little Girl by FictionChick Dark magic by restmlin Possessed by TomEdwardsConcepts Possessed by Patilda Death - Original Version by AndrewDobell I'm watching AndrewDobell Zombie Portrait by AndrewDobell Love and Hate by AndrewDobell Rock Star by AndrewDobell Pallbearer by AndrewDobell Ferryman by AndrewDobell Dead Mans Hand by AndrewDobell Ten cats of Queen Beruthiel by steamey Cats of Ulthar by ViaEstelar Headless Horseman Half-Page by damie-m Hells Angel by DriPoint waltz of the dead by eWKn The Waltz with Death by CristaliaART : P s y c h o s i S J-u-d-a-s Tainted Wings by ImaginaryRosse Beauty Witch by MariamMohammed Your Soul is Mine by bonbonka Mr Pumpkin is my best friend by LuLebel *********************** The Song title is "Tubular Hell" by Van Helsing's Curse


Dee Snider's Van Helsing's Curse

This is the original music video for Dee Snider's Van Helsing's Curse. It was a low budget affair . . . but I enjoyed putting it together and bonding with De...

Van Helsing's Curse Live-six

VanHelsings Curse heavy metal classical horror TSO Mark Wood Dee Snyder Twisted Sister viper violin philidelphia live concert Black Sabbath Hall of the mount...

Van Helsing's Curse-Extended Trailer

A 3 minute journey into the world of Van Helsing's Curse LIVE.

Van Helsing's Curse Tubular Hell

From the LIVE IN PHILLY 2005 DVD.

Oculus Infernum - Halloween

Album : Van Helsing's Curse.

2012 - Halloween - Tubular Hell

Visit for more info. Tubular Hell using 7 LOR controllers.

Van Helsing's Curse - Let Me Prey


Van Helsing's Curse- Haunted Attractions

For your viewing pleasure, a music video comprised of the Travel Channel's 2006 America's Scariest Halloween Attractions & Dee Snider's Van Helsing's Curse. ...

Mark Wood Live Solo - Twisted Sister Dee Snider's Van Helsing's Curse

Mark Wood Live Electric Viper Violin Solo with Van Helsing's Curse.