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Van Helsing's Curse

Van Helsing's Curse


Dee Snider's Van Helsing's Curse

This is the original music video for Dee Snider's Van Helsing's Curse. It was a low budget affair . . . but I enjoyed putting it together and bonding with De...

Van Helsing's Curse-Extended Trailer

A 3 minute journey into the world of Van Helsing's Curse LIVE.

Oculus Infernum - Halloween

Album : Van Helsing's Curse.

Van Helsings Curse - Tubular Hell

Song rights to Dee Snider, images from Bing. ok, this is an earlier version of a halloween project. Before I knew MM redid "This is Halloween". Same thing-no...

Van Helsing's Curse Live-TEN

VanHelsings Curse heavy metal classical horror TSO Mark Wood Dee Snyder Twisted Sister viper violin philidelphia live concert Black Sabbath Hall of the mount...

The Tubular Hell--Van Helsing's Curse

Image artists names below in the order their works appeared in this video The Black Book of Horror by pmoodie

Van Helsing's Curse Tubular Hell

From the LIVE IN PHILLY 2005 DVD.

2012 - Halloween - Tubular Hell

Visit for more info. Tubular Hell using 7 LOR controllers.

Cry Little Sister

Artist: Van Helsing's Curse (feat. Dee Snider) Album: Oculus Infernum --- Not owned by me. All content © respective artists.