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Van Helsing's Curse

Van Helsing's Curse

Van Helsings Curse - Tubular Hell

Song rights to Dee Snider, images from Bing. ok, this is an earlier version of a halloween project. Before I knew MM redid "This is Halloween". Same thing-no lyrics, just pictures. I dont know what i was going for, random halloween chiz? Anywaay, if you're a Maximum Ride fan, then know I used this song (edited some) in a fan made trailer for Nevermore. Enjoy. Comment, rate, and subscribe.


Van Helsing's Curse- Haunted Attractions

For your viewing pleasure, a music video comprised of the Travel Channel's 2006 America's Scariest Halloween Attractions & Dee Snider's Van Helsing's Curse. ...

Van Helsing's Curse Tubular Hell

From the LIVE IN PHILLY 2005 DVD.

Oculus Infernum - Halloween

Album : Van Helsing's Curse.

Van Helsing's Curse - Let Me Prey


Van Helsing's Curse Live-THREE

VanHelsings Curse heavy metal classical horror TSO Mark Wood Dee Snyder Twisted Sister viper violin philidelphia live concert Black Sabbath Hall of the mount...

2012 - Halloween - Tubular Hell

Visit for more info. Tubular Hell using 7 LOR controllers.

Mark Wood Live Solo - Twisted Sister Dee Snider's Van Helsing's Curse

Mark Wood Live Electric Viper Violin Solo with Van Helsing's Curse.

The Tubular Hell--Van Helsing's Curse

Image artists names below in the order their works appeared in this video The Black Book of Horror by pmoodie

Oculus Infernum - Tubular Hell

A : Van Helsing's Curse.