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Various Artists

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Swedish Death Metal (3CD) Thumbnail Image

In the mid-80 s, a small underground movement started to emerge from the small towns and suburbs of Sweden. In search for the most extreme music [...]

Queen of the Damned Thumbnail Image

Queen of the Damned, the movie starring Aaliyah features a soundtrack including Marilyn Manson, Papa Roach, Orgy, Static X. The soundtrack also includes a first time [...]

Music as a Weapon II (CD & DVD) Thumbnail Image

ALBUM HIGHLIGHTS: Disturbed’s ”Dehumanized” is a previously unreleased song. The band also performs acoustic for the first time—Metallica’s ”Fade To Black” and its own ”Darkness.” DVD [...]

Family Values Tour 2001 Thumbnail Image

Elektra and The Label are proud to release one of this generation’s most essential live albums. The much anticipated disc, produced by Josh Abraham (Staind, The [...]

WCW Mayhem Thumbnail Image

These days entertainment is all about synergy and cross-merchandising baby, from the ”free” toys at the burger joint to the pay-per-view rights, soundtrack CD, T-shirt sales, [...]

Encomium: A Tribute to Led Zeppelin Thumbnail Image

A metallic rush of guitars and thundering drums, Deftones’ music both epitomizes the hard-and-fast glory of post-grunge alt-metal and blows it wide open with innovation. As [...]

Pledge of Allegiance Tour: Live Concert Recording Thumbnail Image

Convenient new size…Still f***ing huge! Metallica’s Live Sh*t: Binge & Purge – the unprecendented box set featuring three complete concerts on three CD’s and three VHS [...]

Hair Metal Live Thumbnail Image

Static-X’s musical blunt-force-trauma explodes onto the stage on Cannibal Killers Live, the platinum-selling band’s first CD/DVD package and first full-length concert release. Essentially a ’greatest hits [...]

Nativity in Black, Vol. 2: A Tribute to Black Sabbath Thumbnail Image

A selection of popular Black Sabbath songs interpreted by longtime metallic favorites (Megadeth, Slayer), newer rock kids (Godsmack, Static-X) and a wild card (Busta Rhymes) makes [...]

Woodstock 99 Vol. 2 - Blue Album Thumbnail Image

Import only pressing of their double live album from the German metal act, recorded on October 31, 2002 in Barcelona, Spain & November 2, 2002 in [...]