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Virgin Black

Virgin Black


Virgin Black - Sombre Romantic (Full Album)

Band:Virgin Black Album:Sombre Romantic Country:Australia Year:2000 Tracklist: 01) Opera De Romanci I: Stare 0:00 02) Opera De Romanci II: Embrace 3:58 03) W...

Virgin Black - Domine

This is track 5 from Virgin's Black's excellent album Requiem - mezzo forte.

Virgin Black - Our Wings Are Burning

ALBUM: Elegant... and Dying (2003) GENRE: Doom / Gothic Metal.

Virgin Black Lamenting Kiss

my dark side mind, OH! please God help me to believe in your.

Virgin Black - The Everlasting (Subtitulado)

Virgin Black Album: Elegant and Dying Date: 2003 Subtitulado EspaƱol Sub Esp Spanish Subtitulos.

Virgin Black - Our Wings are Burning [Full Version] [Lyrics]

My seventh and final video for this album Please NO religious arguements, any comments of the sort will be flagged or removed. Music: London/Escarbe Words: L...

Virgin Black - Museum of Iscariot

Artist : Virgin Black (Australia) Album : Sombre Romance Year : 2001 the penitent words of Judas Iscariot or the tragic sound of Virgin Black ? Lyric : Jesus...

Virgin Black ...And I Am Suffering Requiem - Mezzo Forte

Play it HD sounds BETTER!!!

Virgin Black - Our Wings Are Burning

The video for Virgin Black - Our Wings Are Burning. I love them! Rowan's voice is pure magic... only Eric Clayton of Saviour Machine is better.