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Waylander - Awakening

One of the best songs by Waylander , from the "Reaweaking Pride Once Lost" album Enjoy your live Pagans :) Lyric : A mystery around me Emanating from the land Only true kindred spirits May even hope to understand A voice I hear which is calling out to me A message all around when my mind is free Speaking in whispers thrown from the wind Out from my surroundings calling out to me Daunted by the canopy of green A blaze of blue and emerald fire A finer sight I've rarely seen And I dine on awe alone Swirling shadows Dance upon the water still And sky and cloud vie for prominence On the surface calm A lone deed Creating ripples alike waves And all along the surface Now consequence in journey I breathe - I feel my lungs I breathe - I feel my soul I breathe - I feel alive I am alive! Green surrounds me The wind in my hair Fast flowing waters The hills and the vales Ignited by passion Most purest by far My life I now fashion I live for his hour Free to live Free to roam Free to think Free as the wind Elation I peel So hard to comprehend As i stand alone Upon AnĂș's land I have come home I have been found The way it once was Is as it shall be


Waylander - Born to the Fight

Irish Folk Metal band named Waylander, with the song "Born to the Fight".

Waylander - King of the Fairies (full version)

An instrumental song from Waylander (irish Folk metal band) I domhan anseo nach bhfuil anseo (In a world (here) that is not here) I chnoic draiochta, ag cona...

Waylander - Echoes of the Sidhe

Sneak peek of the uncoming Waylander album "Kindred Spirits" For more information go to or

Waylander - Beyond the ninth Wave

Artist: Waylander Song: Beyond the ninth wave Album: Honour amongst Chaos Genre: Celtic/Folk/Pagan Metal.

Waylander - Kindred Spirits

New Waylander, awesome! Band: Waylander Album: Kindred Spirits Country: Ireland Genre: Celtic Metal Year: 2012 Their Facebook:

Waylander - As the Deities Clash ( with Lyrics )

As the Deities Clash ist the first Song on the Album Honour Amongst Chaos. On my Clip are the Lirycs and some pictures from Irland... Sry for the bad sound q...

Waylander King Of The Fairies

DISCLAIMER: I do not take credit for this song! all credit goes to waylander for making great and awsome music! anways enjoy.

WAYLANDER - Morrigan's Domain

Waylander - Morrigan's Domain Black is the Morrigan on this plain Dark is her aspect, no remorse or shame Washer at the ford for those who can see The crone ...

Waylander - "Walk with honour" (live Cernunnos 2013)

The live-report is right here :