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Waylander - Awakening

One of the best songs by Waylander , from the "Reaweaking Pride Once Lost" album Enjoy your live Pagans :) Lyric : A mystery around me Emanating from the land Only true kindred spirits May even hope to understand A voice I hear which is calling out to me A message all around when my mind is free Speaking in whispers thrown from the wind Out from my surroundings calling out to me Daunted by the canopy of green A blaze of blue and emerald fire A finer sight I've rarely seen And I dine on awe alone Swirling shadows Dance upon the water still And sky and cloud vie for prominence On the surface calm A lone deed Creating ripples alike waves And all along the surface Now consequence in journey I breathe - I feel my lungs I breathe - I feel my soul I breathe - I feel alive I am alive! Green surrounds me The wind in my hair Fast flowing waters The hills and the vales Ignited by passion Most purest by far My life I now fashion I live for his hour Free to live Free to roam Free to think Free as the wind Elation I peel So hard to comprehend As i stand alone Upon AnĂș's land I have come home I have been found The way it once was Is as it shall be


Waylander - Born to the Fight

Irish Folk Metal band named Waylander, with the song "Born to the Fight".

Waylander - Beyond the ninth Wave

Artist: Waylander Song: Beyond the ninth wave Album: Honour amongst Chaos Genre: Celtic/Folk/Pagan Metal.

Waylander - King of the Fairies (full version)

An instrumental song from Waylander (irish Folk metal band) I domhan anseo nach bhfuil anseo (In a world (here) that is not here) I chnoic draiochta, ag cona...

Waylander - Echoes of the Sidhe

Sneak peek of the uncoming Waylander album "Kindred Spirits" For more information go to or

Waylander King Of The Fairies

DISCLAIMER: I do not take credit for this song! all credit goes to waylander for making great and awsome music! anways enjoy.

Waylander - "Walk with honour" (live Cernunnos 2013)

The live-report is right here :

Waylander - Kindred Spirits

New Waylander, awesome! Band: Waylander Album: Kindred Spirits Country: Ireland Genre: Celtic Metal Year: 2012 Their Facebook:

Waylander - Walk With Honour

When I was uploading it the first time I had an net crash , so here is the upload: One of the best song from the Honour Amongst Chaos album - Walk With Honou...

Waylander - As the Deities Clash ( with Lyrics )

As the Deities Clash ist the first Song on the Album Honour Amongst Chaos. On my Clip are the Lirycs and some pictures from Irland... Sry for the bad sound q...