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Waylander - Walk With Honour

When I was uploading it the first time I had an net crash , so here is the upload: One of the best song from the Honour Amongst Chaos album - Walk With Honour Lyric: I swear by the blade Drew my blood to the flame (Un)till the sky falls in May my Honour remain. Adorned with ancient symbols (Of) Mother Earth's might Spirit Guards protecting (My) defence as I fight Walk with Honour as your only guide Will of Iron, forged in fire Crimson vows, freely sworn Pledge thy heart (and) blade to the Land. This spherical miracle for our lives do we owe Why then do we treat Mother Earth as our foe? Slow asphyxiation (as) the decades roll by De - forestation holes in the sky The scales now are weighted, ready to fall Peasant mentality, stagnating in thrall. Look safe to your own, the dark days draw near Hold fast to your valour, no regrets or fear. I hear noises on the wind Which bear no meaning I see Honour mocked By those of no import. If strength of will Is weakness, so be it Where dark clouds do assemble I am the Storm.


Waylander - Born to the Fight

Irish Folk Metal band named Waylander, with the song "Born to the Fight".

Waylander - King of the Fairies (full version)

An instrumental song from Waylander (irish Folk metal band) I domhan anseo nach bhfuil anseo (In a world (here) that is not here) I chnoic draiochta, ag cona...

Waylander - Beyond the ninth Wave

Artist: Waylander Song: Beyond the ninth wave Album: Honour amongst Chaos Genre: Celtic/Folk/Pagan Metal.

Waylander - Echoes of the Sidhe

Sneak peek of the uncoming Waylander album "Kindred Spirits" For more information go to or

Waylander King Of The Fairies

DISCLAIMER: I do not take credit for this song! all credit goes to waylander for making great and awsome music! anways enjoy.

Waylander - "Walk with honour" (live Cernunnos 2013)

The live-report is right here :

Waylander - Kindred Spirits

New Waylander, awesome! Band: Waylander Album: Kindred Spirits Country: Ireland Genre: Celtic Metal Year: 2012 Their Facebook:

Waylander - Brú na Bóinne

Pagan Metal from Ireland. Taken from Waylander's third album, 'Honour Amongst Chaos'.

Waylander - Walk With Honour

Band: Waylander Album: Honour Amongst Chaos Year: 2008.