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Windir - Todeswalzer

Windir (Primal Warrior in English) was a folkloric black metal band from Sogndal, Norway. The band combined black metal with folk music and mythology. The band was formed in 1994 and released its debut album in 1997. Windir was a project of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Terje "Valfar"Bakken. Windir produced four albums in their almost ten years of existence, each more complex and successful than the last. The band broke up when Valfar died of hypothermia. Many of Windir's lyrics are written in Sognamål. On January 14th, 2004, Terje "Valfar"Bakken went to his family's cabin at Fagereggi, Norway by foot. On January 17th, his body was found at Reppastø7th of January at Stedje Church in Norway. In March of 2004 Windir officially disbanded. A compilation album containing Windir outtakes and B-Sides, Valfar, ein Windir, was released in 2004 as a tribute to Valfar. On September 3rd 2004, in Oslo, Windir's remaining members performed their last concert to go back to their roots and keep base with what they thought was real. Enslaved, Finntroll, Notodden All Stars, Weh, E-Head and Mindgrinder were the guest bands. Two bands would be formed by some of the remaining members of Windir, Vreid and Cor Scorpii. Lyrics: Dying with sorrow not in hand, Welcoming my gods, an equal I am, A travel awaits before me, Encircled as a God, dead as a man, An era has now ended, But a new era will come, While my destiny fulfits itself, I glance at the world with wisdom from the end, My efforts will now be rewarded, As I enter Kingdom Come, My hate will now get fatal for those that disapproved me once, With my misanthropic these soon brought to life, I'll see an definite end for week, feeble minds, As I die I'll go further, further than any other man, To obtain powers and wisdom as a God from the other end, My death will be revenged with fury of the damned, My eternal life will be praised by the gods at the end. Clean Vocals: Wenn ich tot bin, werde ich weitergehen, weiter als irgendjemand. Um Kraft und Weisheit zu erlangen, wie ein Gott vom anderen Ende.


Windir - Svartesmeden Og Lundamyrstrollet

From Sognametal.

Windir - Kampen

Windir - 1184 - Todeswalzer

R.I.P. Valfar /,,/

Windir - Martyrium

From the album Likferd Lyrics: Gje han evig kvile Gje han sjelefred Gje han sælt minne Martyrium evig liv Gir ein heila livet Martyrium da blir Vis han evig ...

Windir- Blodssvik (Live)

The song Blodssvik off the album Likferd played live with Vegard (Valfar's brother) and Cosmocrator on vocals. Feel free to request any other songs from the ...

Windir - Fagning (live)

The song Fagning off of Windir's fourth album, Likferd. Played live after Valfar's death with Sture on vocals.

Windir - Ending

Album: Arntor (1999) Lyric: Eg heiter Terje Bakken, Helga er min mor og Eeeerll han er min bror. Vi bur på ein plass der som ingen skulle tru at nokon kunne ...

Windir - Todeswalzer

Windir - 1184, Full-length 2001, Norway.

sogneriket windir demo completo

Sogneriket (1994) 1- Krigaren Si Gravferd 2- Immortality 3- Sogneriket 4- Norrøn Seier 5- Dans På Stemmehaugen 6- Fjell Og Dalar 7- Soge I: Reisen 8- Soge II...