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Winter Biography


Winter was a New York/Long Island, USA based metal outfit formed in 1988 that only existed until 1991. Line up was: Stephen Flam - guitars, John Alman - vocals/bass and Joe Goncalves on drums. Musically, Winter delivered a very cold, dark and frustrating atmosphere by playing extremely slow guitar riffs mixed with death grunts and some sparse keyboards. The band released only a demo tape in 1989 and recorded an album entitled "Into Darkness" in 1990 that was released on tape and CD by a very small label Future Shock Recordings (FSC8000 / FSCD8000). Unfortunately that label went bankrupt. Shortly after that stroke of fate the band disbanded. Anyway two years later the German label Nuclear Blast re-released "Into Darkness" (1992; CD/LP/MC NB064) and the demo tape "Eternal Frost" (1994; MCD056). In 1999 and 2008 both albums were re-released once more as "Into Darkness/Eternal Frost". Winter had an aspiration to be the slowest band in the world :) Winter's "Servants of the Warsmen" video taken from the video compilation "Death is just the Beginning vol.1" (Nuclear blast Records)

Winter Metal Albums

Into Darkness/Eternal Frost Thumbnail Image

Limited vinyl LP pressing of this 2005 album from the Finnish Metal band. The follow-up to 2003’s Hate Crew Deathroll is even more straight-forward than its [...]

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