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'Downloaded': Alex Winter on Napster's legacy and a future with Spotify

Most of you probably know Alex Winter the actor. Winter has become a recognizable face for anyone who grew up in the eighties, from The Lost Boys to Bill and Ted. He also spent decades directing for TV, film, and a handful of music videos (including Ice Cube and Spike Lee). Winter's latest project is Downloaded, a documentary chronicling Napster's rise and the people who created and were most affected by it. "It was a massive piece of evolution that occurred in our culture — that was going to occur, that did occur," he said, "and we have to live with it... we have to work with it." T.C. Sottek sat down with Winter to talk about how the project came about and also share some thoughts on how the music industry is adapting to newer models like Spotify. Special thanks to Meet at the Apartment ( ).


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