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Winter Girls Song! The Key of Awesome #34!!

Put your hands in the air for the girls of winter! Watch the Behind the Scenes HERE: Subscribe! directed by Tom Small music: Jake Chudnow lyrics: Mark Douglas and Todd Womack Aww yeah lay down that sensual massage jam cus its wintertime. Ohh its cold, but I like it You slip you gloves on Slip your gloves on You wrap a scarf around your neck and face Like a sexy Russian peasant if there is such a thing Then you get one of them things that's not a hat or a headband. It's kinda both What the hell do you call that head muff hatband? I don't know but it's sexy as heeeeeell. And I'm willing to bet it was on sale. It's wintertime and the livin' is freezy Women are like dwarves, grumpy and sneezy Angry faces and chilly cheeks Wind blows so hard that your eyeballs leak Well let me tell you bout my particular fetish See I like a girl's nose when it's runny and reddish The colder it is the more I get hot I'll make out with your nose, I don't mind the snot When it's cold as a witches you know what You can call me a squirrel cus I'm bustin' nuts Walkin' out of the Starbucks with a grande tea Puffy coat makes you look like a Manatee You hit a patch of ice trip slip and fall Right now you don't feel too sexy at all But that's where you're wrong girl, you're lookin' fine. Slidin' down the hill on your behind I don't care if your classy I don't mind if you're trashy Just as long as your skin feels dry and ashy I'll take you home and heat you up cus you're my frozen dinner Put your hands in the air for the girls of winter Wintertime girls you know you really rock my world Snug as a bug in a rug Wearin' nothing but gloves and Uggs Wintertime ladies c'mon lets make some frozen babies That don't make no sense. Shut up. Now we're back in the pad with two frozen chicks I put on some jams, a cool wintry mix. There's no need to rush things lets just chill Can I interest you in a vodka Nyquil? I got her in the room; she said "my hands are frozen Can you turn up the heat?" I said nah it's broken. I'll suck your frozen toes while you blow your nose Lets put on more clothes girl I don't need to see those. Most dudes just wanna see your breasts, I wanna turn up the AC and see your breath Some like the lights on and some like it dark I wanna cover you up like Kenny from South Park She said that's cool I understand the rules Let me go slip into something less comfortable. She went out then came back covered head to toe She was moving kinda slow but she was ready to go. We fooled around for a while till we needed some air I uncovered her face and it was covered in hair Wintertime hoes just made me make out with my bro Ewwwwww that was disgusting man EWWW. Yeah that was gross, but like if we're all covered up what's the difference really? That's a good point. -- MORE BARELY: Subscribe! Facebook! Get the songs on iTunes! TShirts! Mark's Channel: Todd's Stuff Follow us on Twitter Write us a letter! The Key of Awesome P.O. Box 23 New York, NY 10113


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