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Easy Teal Nail Art Tutorial for short nails

Hello Everyone! Here is my DIY Nail Art Design channel with tutorials at the next level! From DIY Easy Nail art designs for Beginners, to Advanced design Nail art tutorials for Professional Nail Techs and instructors. Mix & Match Nails, Nail Art Design, Nail Tutorials, Easy Nail Art & Nail Art Ideas! Learn Nail Techniques and watch DIY Nail projects that teach something to everyone who wants to learn at any skill level. If you try and don't give up, my Nail Art Channel will make you a master! I have enough DIY nail art tutorials and designs to keep you mixing and matching as many nail art designs in 1 as you can dream up! (Read below for more) Until then, WELCOME to my Nail Art channel dedicated to taking your nail art as high as we can go together!!! ROBIN MOSES LINKS BELOW! - Nail Art supplies and information to get you started in the "Hey Robin" link HERE: Nail Art Playlists HERE: (Please share this link below and help me find artists who want to learn) My Facebook Fanpage. Join and Post what you learned here!: My Blog: nail art GALLERY of 10,000 nail art pictures WITH my weekly uploads!) My Pinterest: (New posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!My Instagram: (uploads every day!) My Youtube: (PLEASE SUBSCRIBE and "like" my videos that inspire you!) My Twitter: My Tumblr: (I admit, I dont understand tumblr, but I add new links there on M,W&F if you have one! :)) I tape my ACTUAL job and I do all of this myself --all I ask in return is to say "Inspired by Robin Moses" if you copy my designs. Please support me in this huge job and help me be all I can be. I want so badly to help those who have no one to help them learn and I need your help to find those people. Nail art helped me find a future for myself in a job that brings me and others REAL joy...It is my goal in life to give that gift to others. Learn the joy of sharing - PLEASE Support all NAIL ART DESIGNS on Youtube. Shout out the name of whoever inspires your tutorials when you copy! Showing love for inspirational nail artists only adds to your popularity and gives the beautiful, creative people out there confidence & creates and open and loving happiness throughout the nail art community! So, Be AWESOME and spread the word! THANK YOU to the wonderful nail art army of supporters who 'get it' and making mine and so many others dreams come true. Love, Robin Moses P.S. ;) --- "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." -- Dr. Seuss


Crosswind difficulties - winter 2013/14

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Let It Go (Disney's "Frozen") Vivaldi's Winter - ThePianoGuys

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Vivaldi Winter

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Miami Dice, Episode 144 - Dead of Winter

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