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Jadis, the White Witch (The Chronicles of Narnia) ENG. 1 of 3

Suscribe to our page: Three clips dedicated to the White Queen Jadis, the villainess from "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" perfomed by Tilda Swinton. Enjoy (I do not own this). Lucy? - Leave me alone! - [woman] What now, Ginarrbrik? Make him let me go! l didn't do anything wrong! How dare you address the Queen of Narnia? l didn't know! - You will know her better hereafter! - [woman] Wait! What is your name, Son of Adam? Uh, Edmund. And how, Edmund, did you come to enter my dominion? l'm not sure. l was just following my sister. Your sister? How many are you? Four. Lucy's the only one that's been here before. She said she met some faun called Tumnus. Peter and Susan didn't believe her. l didn't either. Edmund, you look so cold. Will you come and sit with me? Now, how about something hot to drink? Yes, please, Your Majesty. Your drink, sire. How did you do that? l can make anything you like. Can you make me taller? - [laughs] Anything you'd like to eat. Turkish delight? Edmund? l would very much like to meet the rest of your family. Why? They're nothing special. Oh, l'm sure they're not nearly as delightful as you are. But you see, Edmund, l have no children of my own. And you are exactly the sort of boy who l could see, one day, becoming Prince of Narnia. Maybe even King. Really? Of course, you'd have to bring your family. Oh. Do you mean, Peter would be king too? No! No, no. But a king needs servants. l guess l could bring 'em. Beyond these woods, you see those two hills? My house is right between them. You'd love it there, Edmund. lt has whole rooms simply stuffed with Turkish delight. Couldn't l have some more now? No! Don't want to ruin your appetite. Besides, you and l are going to be seeing each other again very soon. l hope so, Your Majesty. Until then, dear one. Mmm, l'm gonna miss you. PART 2 Wait here. Like it? Uh... Yes, Your Majesty. l thought you might. Tell me, Edmund... Are your sisters deaf? No. And your brother, is he... ...unintelligent? Well, l think so. But Mum says... Then how dare you come alone?! l tried! Edmund, l asked so little of you. They just don't listen to me! You couldn't even do that. l did bring them halfway. They're at the little house at the dam with the Beavers. Well. l suppose you're not a total loss then, are you? Well, l was wondering, could l maybe have some more Turkish delight now? Our guest is hungry. This way for your num-nums. Maugrim? You know what to do. PART 3 My police tore that dam apart. Your little family are nowhere to be found. Where did they go? l don't know! Then you're of no further use to me. Wait! The beaver said something about Aslan! Aslan? Where? l... He's a stranger here, Your Majesty. He can't be expected to know anything. l said... where is Aslan? l... l don't know. l left before they said anything. l wanted to see you! Guard! Your Majesty. Release the faun Do you know why you're here, faun? Because l believe in a free Narnia. You're here... ...because he turned you in. For sweeties. Take him upstairs. And ready my sleigh. Edmund misses his family.


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