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The Witch's House All Endings and Secret Scenes

All endings including the secret third ending. I also include the book changes from getting the true ending and a easy to miss diary/cat dialogue. Go to if you wish to watch my full playthrough. The third ending is exactly the same aside from the dialogue and diary leading up to the chase. Game can be downloaded from here: Download Mirror: Scenes - All library books including Ellen: 00:00 Secret cat meeting and books: 1:09 Good Ending: 2:16 True Ending: 5:49 Secret End: 13:15 Plot Summary for the Confused *Spoilers* - Ellen murders her parents with a knife and offers them to a demon. In exchange the demon gives her the home and powers over it, he claims he can cure her sickness but instead just gives her the ability to switch bodies. For this spell to work the other person must accept it so she befriends a local girl named Viola. She convinces Viola one day to switch bodies temporary and at some point either before or after she removed her original bodies legs and gouged out her eyes. After this she drugs Viola in Ellen's body and tries to leave only to find that Viola had turned her own house against her. Since she is the original owner of the home the house still aids her through notes and puzzle solutions. The ending is foreshadowed with the "Funny Story ", the knife which is Ellen's keepsake from murdering her parents and the way most puzzle solutions involve killing or destruction. The apparition of Viola represents their past friendship hence why it protects you from physical Viola and appears around things like tea sets. The cat is the demon and the bags of dead cats are its used up hosts. Before the chase it abandons its current host before the home disappears upon Viola's death.


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Salem Witch Trial Documentary

a very good documentary. i don't own the rights to this film. This is for fair use.

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