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Witchcraft Biography


There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Witchcraft are a doom metal band from Sweden. Strongly inspired by the early '70s rock, they play with a heavy and slightly psychedelic rock style typical of other similar stoner doom metal bands. They are often compared to Black Sabbath (due to Sabbath's massive influence on doom metal) or Jethro Tull, though they do have their own personal sound. They have released three well-received full length albums to date. 2). Witchcraft is a Black Metal band from El Salvador, formed in the year of 1995. They started off as a side-project of the Melodic Black Metal band Dismal Gale however, Drummer - Rodrigo Artiga left the band. In 1998 they released their self entitled album "Witchcraft" The band is currently split up, to work more in Dismal Gale. The lyrical themes include Satanism, Witchcraft and Occultism. 3) Another band called Witchcraft were an American duo. Gothic Ambient electronic music verging on industrial, dark but with melody and tremendous atmosphere. 4) Witchcraft from Hungary play raw old school black metal. They released their first album "Years of Blood" in 2006 via Regimental records. Previously they released two demos (On the Path of Fogs - 2000; Carpathian Fire - 2003) and a split with Gholgoth (Revelations Through the Veil of Oblivion - 2002). "Years of Blood" contains the re-recorded versions of the demo-songs and only one new song. The second album is "Under the Crust" (Miriquidi Prod. 2008). 5) Witchcraft from France played classic heavy metal and released one three-track demo in 1983. 6) Witchcraft 80's Croatian speed metal band. Croatian folk-singer sinisa vuco used to be in that band. 7) A Goa trance project released on Matsuri records in the late 90's. 8) A Russian progressive metal band 9) A hardcore/gabba artist from 1999-2000 who was signed to the Dutch 5th Gear label.

Witchcraft Metal Albums

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When Dave Chandler of Saint Vitus penned the doom anthem ”Born Too Late”, he could hardly guess at just how accurately this prophecy would come true, [...]

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