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Zao - 5 year winter

Zao 5 year winter (full song) artist Zao album Self titled Genre Metalcore Official Lyrics Dear Tiffany, You've mad me nauseous for the last time Everything I've said to you....I will form a spike (to drive through my throat) In order to stop my words This time I'll put them in the ground along with my memories and my feelings I'll burn it down and walk away Let the fire warm my back I wish you would say you hate me It would make it so much easier Burn it down and walk away................Love Daniel


Ancien Combattant - ZAO

Musique Rétro Des Années 80, 90.

ZAO The Lesser Lights of Heaven DVD

From the two-disced The Lesser Lights of Heaven DVD. This features the present and past members of Zao and their stories, the near entire history of the band...

Zao - Ravage Ritual

Song: Ravage Ritual Artist: Zao Album: Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest Sorry for the long wait for uploads!

Zao Lies Of Serpents, A River Of Tears

Off the Zao DVD Lesser Lights of Heaven, this is their best quality show on it.

ZAO @ Cornerstone 1998

July of 1998 near Bushnell, Illinois.

Zao - Angel Without Wings

Angel Without Wings by ZAO.



Kawasaki 3P - Loš, zao (Official Audio)

Novi singl 2014. Novi album kraj 2014. Facebook


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