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ZAO - The Splinter Shards the Birth of Separation (FULL ALBUM)

Recorded in 1996.

Zao Lies Of Serpents, A River Of Tears

Off the Zao DVD Lesser Lights of Heaven, this is their best quality show on it.

Zao - Angel Without Wings

Angel Without Wings by ZAO.

Zao - Osiris(1974) - Full Album

0:00 Shardaz 4:51 Isis 14:25 Reinna 18:52 Yog 27:00 La Rhuna 31:10 Montreal(Bonus, 1973) Personnel: - Francois "Faton" Cahen / keyboards - Joel "DUD" Dugreno...

Zao - Kawana(1976) - Full Album

0:00 Natura 7:02 Tserouf 15:59 F.F.F(Fleurs For Faton) 18:31 Kabal 22:43 Sadie 26:27 Free Folk 37:09 Salut Robert(Bonus) Personnel: - Fran├žois "Faton" Cahen ...

Zao - Resistance

Artist: Zao Album: All Else Failed Song: Resistance.

Zao Live - Ancien combattant !!

Zao - 5 year winter

Zao 5 year winter (full song) artist Zao album Self titled Genre Metalcore Official Lyrics Dear Tiffany, You've mad me nauseous for the last time Everything ...

Hatram'zao - Raboussa

Niry Raboussa Nary 'Zay