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Zebrahead - Falling Apart

Stutter step through another trap set by deception Mention rejection Always lies in your eyes Settles in your action Jeopardize everything that I want And I won't compromise anything anymore In any way victimize myself any more Liberty (YEAH) Manipulations on my mind Expectations well defined Frustrate me Liberate me Cause everything's falling apart You can't control me, You can't control me Everything's falling apart Now I can't see you Doesn't matter what I do I can't see you Cause everything's falling apart I got exposed to a deeper form of infection Shout out "I need acception" Always lies in your eyes Settles in your action Criticize everything that I do And I will overcome anything that's in store Nevermore look up to you and adore Liberty (YEAH) [Repeat Chorus] Manipulation is on my mind Inspect me - try to check me Expectations well defined Dissect me - want to wreck me Violator of my own will Accept me - reject me Separate or SHOOT TO KILL [Repeat Chorus]


Zebrahead - Call Your Friends (Full Album)

NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED 01. Sirens - 0:00 02. I'm Just Here for the Free Beer - 3:24 03. With Friends Like These, Who Needs Herpes? - 7:01 04. Cal...

Zebrahead - Call Your Friends (Official Music Video)

BUY NOW: or BUY ON ITUNES!!! First single off the album "Call Your Friends". Song is available NO...

Zebrahead Phoenix Full Album

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Zebrahead - Sirens (Official Video)

Zebrahead - Hell Yeah (Official Music Video)

Here's the video for "Hell Yeah" from the 2008 album Phoenix. The guys are running through the streets of L.A. and what are they chasing???? BUY the album: h...


One of the best albums from Zebrahead Year: 2006 Tracklist: 1. Broadcast to the World 2. Rated "U" for Ugly 3. Anthem 4. Enemy 5. Back to Normal 6. Postcards...

Zebrahead - Anthem (Official Music Video)

First video from our 2006 album Broadcast to the World. Filmed at the Whittier House! BUY the album:

Zebrahead Live Set At Rock 'n' Heim 2013

English: Zebrahead live concert at the festival Rock 'n' Heim 2013. Thanks to Arte and ZDF Kultur for the provided video. Ⓒ Arte and ZDF Kultur Setlist: 00:1...

zebrahead - Playmate of the Year

Music video by zebrahead performing Playmate Of The Year. (C) 2000 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT.