Heavy Metal Bands Directory

  • Gang Green
    Gang Green was a hardcore punk (and later, crossover thrash) band originally from Braintree, Massachusetts. The first incarnation of the band consisted of 15 year [...]
  • Iron Savior
    Iron Savior is a heavy metal band formed in Hamburg, Germany in 1996. It was formed by Piet Sielck (Savage Circus), Kai Hansen (Helloween, Gamma [...]
  • Destruction
    Destruction is a German thrash metal band formed in Lörrach, Germany in 1982. They originally started under the name Knight of Demon. They soon changed [...]
  • Exumer
    Exumer was an early German thrash metal band with close ties to Angel Dust (their labelmates on the Desaster imprint) and a raw, vicious, unsophisticated [...]
  • Repulsion
    Repulsion are a legendary band hailed as being one of the biggest influences on the genre grindcore despite only releasing one official full length album [...]
  • (hed) p.e.
    Hed PE, also known as (hed) planet earth and stylized as (həd) p.e., is an American rock band from Huntington Beach, California. Formed in 1994, [...]
  • Unearth
    There are at least two bands with this name: 1) Unearth is: Trevor Phipps - Vocals Buz McGrath - Guitar John Maggard - Bass Ken [...]
  • Edguy
    Edguy is a power metal band from Fulda, Germany formed in 1992 and is currently signed to Nuclear Blast. The current lineup features Tobias Sammet [...]
  • Unitopia
    Unitopia is a musical adventure comprising the vocal/song writing skill of Mark Trueack, the production/song writing/keyboard/engineering & vocal skill of Sean Timms, the guitar & [...]
  • Anacrusis
    Anacrusis is an innovative progressive thrash metal band hailing from the United States. They have released four full length studio albums. With the releases "Manic [...]