Heavy Metal Bands Directory

  • Primal Fear
    Primal Fear is a German power metal/heavy metal band formed in 1997 by Ralf Scheepers (Vocals/Ex-Gamma Ray, ex-Tyran' Pace), Mat Sinner ( Bass and Vocals/Sinner), [...]
  • Primordial
    Primordial is an Irish band founded in the late 1980's. They play a unique style of heavy metal, which can best be described as a [...]
  • Sonata Arctica
    Sonata Arctica was formed in 1996 on the edge of the world, in the northern Finnish town of Kemi. Originally was formed as Tricky Beans, [...]
  • Therion
    There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Therion, formerly known as Blitzkrieg (1987-1988) and Megatherion (1988), is a symphonic metal band founded [...]
  • Gamma
    There are multiple artists using the name "Gamma". 1) Gamma is a band formed by guitarist Ronnie Montrose back in the 70s, after his band [...]
  • Sammy Hagar
    Sammy Hagar, popular in the early- mid 1980's for fast paced, guitar-driven, hard pop-rock with a masculine, lets-go-party attitude, joined the band Van Halen as [...]
  • Night Ranger
    Night Ranger is an American rock band formed in San Francisco, California in the early 80's. A band that epitomized the mega-selling, big hair, soft [...]
  • Twisted Sister
    Twisted Sister is an American heavy metal band from New York City popularized in comedic music videos on the television channel MTV in the 1980s. [...]
  • Soilent Green
    Soilent Green is a deathgrind and sludge metal band from Metairie, Louisiana, a suburb of New Orleans, Louisiana. The majority of their albums have been [...]
  • Eighteen Visions
    Eighteen Visions (sometimes shortened to 18V) was founded in 1996 by James Hart and Ken Floyd (who then played drums), the only members of the [...]