Best Symphonic/gothic Metal Bands

Best symphonic/gothic metal bands

12 responses to “Best Symphonic/gothic Metal Bands”

  1. MARIAHxCZ says:

    It is Mephisto Waltz from the band called Moi Dix Mois, I think.

  2. richard73 says:

    Sister’s of Mercy

  3. CBloodflower says:

    Draconian ♥

  4. ScotchTapeWorm says:

    All kinds of new bands to check out!

  5. Brunuh666 says:

    sonata artica?lacuna coil?visions of atlantis?no? xD

  6. annasssantos says:

    end of an era

  7. Emzing says:

    n00b, you didn’t even recognize Nightwish? XD Jk, but they were in there as previously mentioned

  8. astrapofteros says:

    i think Nightwish should be in your Vid…THey are prety good..

  9. robertenapoleon2000y says:

    it is its called the end of hope. 1:36-1:51

  10. whispawindiiii says:

    they’re in ô.o end of all hope ( 1:36 ) is a song from nightwish :D love it <3

  11. Mary says:

    I like Angelika & Demons

  12. Rushabh says:

    Nightwish has become part of my life

    I worship Nightwish

    symphonic and gothic metal for life!!

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