This is my new band – BLACK METAL BOX The name of the song is called: PUSH Listen To The Recorded Studio Version At: www.MySpace.Com More Songs Of – BLACK METAL BOX at: www.MySpace.Com We are releasing our first Album -CD this summer. World Wide Distribution *NOTE* The name “BLACK METAL BOX” has nothing to do with Black Metal or Death Metal music. It’s just the name of the band. Our genre is more ‘Hard Rock’ MachineGunSmith .

26 responses to “BLACK METAL BOX – Push”

  1. addog says:

    it sound rly good :) and the live attitude is all thats about :) really like it :)

  2. jdonko14 says:

    Woooo guys,
    This is so great. really nice drums and voice!!!! And guitars off course!!!!!!

    Greetz from The Netherlands

  3. SeraphimID says:

    I love your singer’s voice – excellent singing with top notch screams, and an excellent performer. And I’ll never get tired of your drumming, Smith!

  4. spawnwish says:

    mi hermano eso esta muy bueno que buena banda…

  5. mogidimogens says:

    your lead singer, reminds me of david from disturbed
    both rocks to hard

  6. Ragkantos says:

    Wow the singer looks so cool!!! Very nice song!

  7. OneSicMF says:

    Somehow I can picture these guys playing a show with five finger death punch. That would be one hell of a concert

  8. Paintballnation584 says:

    DUDE I WAS THINKING THE SAME THING JUST BEFORE I SAW UR COMMENT. that wud be a sick concert wudnt it

  9. godsmackFreak1 says:

    BLACK METAL BOX was on the RADIO today! Dude you made it big!!!!! Congrats

    Your song – FALLEN is a hit!

  10. MachineGunSmith says:

    Thanks man!!
    Things are starting to happen now.


  11. bromazar says:

    You guys are very good i like your music really good vocal and drum

  12. aveaguddayproduction says:

    i wouldnt be supprised if i saw you and your band on the front cover of kerrang

  13. Tay977 says:

    Your singer has a wounderful voice I love it ^^

  14. simon1910141615 says:

    dude thats awesome

  15. XospazzyOx says:

    if this song every goes on rock band the drum chart would be so sick and wens the album coming out?

  16. slayero8o9 says:

    dude me and my friends we are called phobic our first song is called fear we are thrash metal

  17. neils4 says:

    SWEET! 5/5

  18. OneSicMF says:

    Hell yeah man. It would DEFINATLY be a need to see concert

  19. tonycederholm says:

    Congratulations man! :) Hope you are going far because you are doing really great music! Too bad I live in a country where we only play lady gaga music on the radio -.-

  20. tost999 says:

    from 2:46 it sounds like Linkin Park – reading my eyes

  21. Rebel1593 says:

    dude that was sick i need to get my hands on a cd. im 16 and im tryin to get my friends in a band but nothins happenein -_-

  22. KickAPooSlipKnoT says:

    Machinegunsmith….this is exalcly what you need to reach the top.

  23. NanoFilmsProductions says:

    this is what u get when you cross metallica with killswitch engage

  24. tract4life1 says:

    Your song “FALLEN” by your band BLACK METAL BOX is a fucking HIT dude!!!!! You guys are going to make it big with songs like that.

  25. locke89 says:

    Wow, your singer really knows how to entertain the crowd. Truly amazing band performance

  26. Jose Ignacio says:

    PERFECT… Guys please put the lyrics of FALLEN… GREAT SONG…

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