Black metal prank call

Ps i like blackmetal and most of these bands are good in there original lineup, but i thought that this is funny credits go out to all the blackmeta bands and onyx for the pics and to the crazy black dude that did this call, hes the main one i just made the video

25 responses to “Black metal prank call”

  1. 16Jordan92 says:

    actually no, they are considered gothic metal, some of their stuff is more to the black metal side, but they’re definitely not black metal

  2. wtfjaftw says:


  3. woops456 says:

    man ide be scared if i was joe….cuz this man is an evil motherfucker! he done shot people!

  4. BaronVonVascht says:

    i think thats stupid….

  5. CelestialObscurity says:

    lmao. This kid sounds like a pussy

  6. CelestialObscurity says:

    It’s about average, I’d say… lmao

  7. Ryyudo says:

    Get scuured Joe! Joe already shaking 20 seconds in. “Uhhh…g-guitar leads…”

  8. SteffyTheCat says:

    “O rly..” lmao

  9. marcrocks12 says:

    dick!!! 2:28 nasty haha

  10. iwrestledasnareonce says:

    fuck yeah!


    I would hella have that nigga up in my black metal shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

  11. DoctorBudd says:

    I love jesus metal!

  12. whatisitwithunow says:

    agreed lmao

  13. NorthernFront says:

    Satanist metal kids are pussies. Their nerds pissed off because of highschool

    Theres other kinds of metal that are for normal people though.

  14. CelestialObscurity says:

    Lol. Yeah, I know. Poor little guys getting shoved around. xD
    Ah well, they’re music’s going nowhere anyway. :P

  15. chocoabuddha says:


  16. TheFLAvouroftheweak says:


  17. MyFatUncle says:

    2 people i would never wanna never want in my band women and black people jk, i still wouldnt want women in a death metal band like arch enemy i wus listenin 2 it and wus like yea this is ba but then the girl started singing and i ripped my head phones in half i want her 2 die 4 that, it wus a perfectly innocent pair of skull candy headphones i want her 2 pay 4 them atleast

  18. MetalxHeadxTravis666 says:


  19. PolarBearRape says:

    youre a pussy

  20. NorthernFront says:

    youre a gay jew satanist and what else?

  21. PolarBearRape says:

    are you like 13?

  22. EscargotPudding444 says:

    is it just me or does the black metal guy sound a lot like the guy from “Star 69″ on CKY’s Vol. 2 disc 2?

  23. gemulon says:

    I don’t believe I said anything about black metal.

  24. ridethelightning20 says:

    The guy in the pic at 2:28, is that his fucking dick and balls hanging out? WTF?!

  25. EvilRedGoose says:

    HAHA Just noticed LOL But weird.Looks like a photoshop?

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