Black Metal

Check out user “vbsdotTV” for more from Gaahl in their series “True Norwegian Black Metal”.

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  1. Arcanestyledemonlife says:

    every religion is bad,but christianity is the worst i admit

  2. onedayless says:

    what is the music at 0:50 ?

  3. mandudehahaha says:

    i think i’d say catholic christianity. cause the whole thing smells like money (of course that’s just my opinion)

  4. Arcanestyledemonlife says:

    that’s true because chatolic is the most rotten,i live in italy and there was an heartquake…the pope went to the pepole without a home with his gold rings…with promises and bla bla bla…nothing have been done…and still they have so many money from the state…it’s too big this problem to can be written here thought^^”

  5. nuclearwr says:

    havenless by enslaved …

    from the album below the lights

    fantastic album . i recomend

  6. onedayless says:

    thanks, i know some musics of enslaved, but this seems to be more kind of folk, if you know what i mean…
    let´s hear the album =)

  7. Capoiera1 says:

    you sound gay listing off sub genres of another sub genre :P

  8. SAYA443 says:

    no the christanity, johova witness and catholic is plain retardness.. They are thying to deny the human basics, like the fealing of hornyness, lazyness, anger, hate, greed, but they cant remove it. The christanity has like been there since middleage, but it quite seems to that they all failed to change us.
    And do you belive that the “witches” innocent people, during the middleage was burned alive, is better than church burnings? Church burnings at least dosen’t kill anyone. So stfu or gtfo

  9. KRYVYSH says:

    you make a good point

  10. SAYA443 says:

    yes i do.. im getting pissed everytime anyone thinks WE are the murders. That WE kill innocent people, cuz it is in christanity they do that. Today it is they are speaking the same way to and about us everytime they are talking about satanism and satan.

  11. SAYA443 says:

    The real sinners, that deserved to be burned alive should be the christanity..
    Satanism is the most misunderstood religion ever, cuz everyone thinks we kill, even thought it stands for people, and our lusts like horneyness and in some rituals have sex to make a martyr to satan though the mans seed.. So we produce people, not the chistanity Johovas witness or whatever they are calling themselfs out there, and i really dont give a fuck, cuz they are all the damn same..

  12. KRYVYSH says:

    yeah i agree… dead to all christians (i mean death to all religion)

  13. onkia69 says:

    AH! This is from the DVD Headbangers Journey: Metal. Excellent DVD and one of the best metal documentarys what i have ever seen

  14. NAZGULFYRSTE says:

    Tja, laut dieser ach so tollen Docu, gehört auch eine Englische Kapelle wie “Cradle Of Filth” zum Black Metal aus Norwegen. SCHWACHE LEISTUNG!!!

  15. SAYA443 says:

    yeah true.. execpt satanism, cuz it is the only religion that allow us humans as we are..

  16. KRYVYSH says:

    LVey’s satanism is bullshit i think. [I personally think all religion is fake], but I do like Gaahls view, as he said once in ‘Metal: A headbangers journey’ interview… “….Satanism is freedom for the individual to grow…” that part is what satanism would be in my eyes.. and this “Every man who is born to be king becomes king. Every man who is born to be a slave doesn’t know Satan.” because christian followers and all other religion they are enslaved to worship their brainwashing

  17. KRYVYSH says:

    gods and they dont even know they have been brainwashed to believe such a big lie. People that “know satan” are people that have opened their eyes like us and see religion for what it is…, and be against it… we are our kings, we rule other infidels believing in lies.

  18. SAYA443 says:

    true. I prefer LVeys satanism, cuz i really dont think its ok to be a rapist. LVey dosent support that. Rapists have to learn to think with the head, not with the dick. And its not always rapist rape adult, some rape children, and in my opinion pedofile is the worst thing on this planet besides christanity and emos. Necrofilits are better than them, since its not hurting the victim, and the necrophile risks hes life with nasty diseases. So i rather be a necrophile than christian, emo or rapist.

  19. deathkang says:

    could anyone tell me the song at about 0:55 :)

  20. lpfan178 says:

    Enslave’s “havenless” i love the begining when they do that chant :P

  21. lpfan178 says:

    sorry they are called enslaved… want sure how to state it was their song, its by Enslaved song is havenless

  22. UlverHyler says:

    Gaahl er så teatralsk.

  23. Lokussapiens says:

    anton laveus satanism is atheistic.. Satan is the symbol for the true human, denied by religious beliefs. Beliefs opposing nature!

  24. Drekawak says:

    he is going to “Bergen a small town in the fjords”? Bergen is like the second largest city in norway

  25. tristhistorie says:


    That might have something to do with the total population here in Norway.
    Barely five million people..?

    And the largest city in America is… like twenty million?

    Heck; even Oslo is a village in the eyes of the rest of the world.

    Note how he describes Norway in the beinning of the clip: “An isolated country in northern Europe.”

    You are the proof that he’s right, man. :-P

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