Bringing on Lamb of God

Hi all! Haven?t been in blog world in a bit, took a break for a vacay. Thought I?d get back in to it and learn more about Lamb of God, as this is one group in the family of metal that I don?t know a lot about. My genre doesn?t include a lot of death, melodic death, metal core, groove, black metal but I?m open to listening and learning and I?m not going to ?Fake it? to try to impress anyone and I?m not going to be narrow minded and not give it a shot. So here it goes?

I found their name popping up more and more over the past few months and then I was impressed when I found out they were going to be in our province along with Gwar, which meant I was actually going to get to see them live?cuz I just have to see Gwar *L* I think this concert is going to hurt my ears and head b/c ?Job for a Cowboy? is also a band playing and if you remember reading a past blog about Death Metal, we saw All That Remains. I liked the music but the actual singing part was a nice break from the growling for my head?plus the acoustics were kinda sucky at the venue so that might have done it too. So my interest began when I kept hearing their name and then found out they were coming. This should be quite the show just before Halloween with all the death (metal) in the air and blood and body parts thrown from stage. I will need a bag to protect my camera b/c we?re there as media. Can?t wait!! Eeeeee!

You came here to read about what I had to say about Lamb of God so I?d better get my ass in to it. These guys started off in 1990 with the band name ?Burn the Priest? however, after a short time they changed it to Lamb of God?that name doesn?t sound so hateful now, does it? They were actually banned in some places b/c their name was thought to be ?evil? and mean evil. Nah, really? So there boys and girls, remember when choosing a band name, make sure you?re not going to scare venue owners so they don?t add you to their concerts and events listings. These guys met in college (See! Pays to go to college! You can end up doing some really kewl things that have nothing to do with what you?re studying and it will totally p*ss your parents off after they?ve spent all that money to send you there). Mark Morton, drummer, actually left the band and went back to college tho to get his masters degree?way to go Mark!

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