Cannibal Corpse – “Make Them Suffer” Metal Blade Records

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25 responses to “Cannibal Corpse – “Make Them Suffer” Metal Blade Records”

  1. w1nds0fn1ght says:

    So now you are calling me a sheep? lol. Anyways, I never borrow CDs from people and rip the tracks. I mean, that’s the band’s main source of money, it’s how they make a living. I don’t think you would be happy if you were making a good product for say that’s supposed to be worth something, then people just go and steal it from you.. it’s just not right.

  2. donovanwilder says:

    yes CC does fucking suck, but no linkin park is not heavier, they fuckin suck now, there first 3 CDs were good

  3. knockemdeadkid23 says:

    Linkin park sucked period… they were good with hybrid theory… but thats only cause i was 11… they sucked every album after that… I don’t prefer canibal corpse but i honestly think its dumb to say linkin park is better than canibal corpse…

  4. Bear261186 says:

    I’d rather listen to the Redshore

  5. BikyajNossitap says:

    As far as music pirating goes any DECENT person who does it would then go and buy some albums once they liked the first one they pirated, so for all the damage it does it also helps publicity a little bit.

  6. sk30l says:

    people steal music and movies because they’re damn expensive- a new release shitty movie sells for $30 to $50 retail, and costs companies only $1 to manufacture it.

  7. sk30l says:

    Personally Corpsegrinder should kill, skin, and eat every person who talks shit about Cannibal Corpse here.

  8. kleenexobsession says:

    Fuck, I wish I’d been able to go to this concert in April, would’ve been amazing /m/

  9. BFMVHeavyMetal says:

    crappest shit ive ever seen

  10. breakoutin248 says:

    It’s like Corpsegrinder is farting through his mouth,All That Remains,probably better

  11. Metaldrummer100 says:

    you focken people talking about linking park can go suck yourselves… they SUCK and cannibal corpse is nice shit… and btw the ones who can’t play instruments of you don’t understand metal! go to your crap music, that’s what you’re doing best …

  12. unfreez says:

    it costs them only 1$ to manufacture it, that might be true.. but what about the actual movie.. Dude of course the movie costed money to make, and therefore you have to pay for it

  13. benofblades15 says:

    this is so crap

  14. MartinezMKD says:

    Totally kick-ass song dude!!!!!!!

  15. sartysb says:

    yeah but thats cause your a faggot and you would rather listen to simple plan with your boy friend, this song makes me want to rip your head off

  16. sartysb says:

    HAHAHAHAHA, LINKIN PARK!!, that is such a fucking fagg band, i bet u and your dad pull the dutch rutter while listening to linkin park, accually your comments dont matter, your prolly fuckin 12 years old hahaha

  17. Wokrakken says:

    how wrong can you get

  18. Teppichleiste says:

    from a bmfv-fan. they canĀ“t even cover, so shut up

  19. Bloodshotchild says:

    what are you talkin about?!


  20. maturanesa says:

    perfect music for a Yoga lesson

  21. PolarisRider99800 says:

    lol definatley, its mad relaxing right? haha

  22. PolarisRider99800 says:

    lmfaoooooooooo dude that was classic! dutch rutter? lmfao good one

  23. Sephirothevil says:

    This song is awesome.

  24. dbadgones says:

    fuckin awesome

  25. opbpcali says:

    perfect song for a daycare center for children!

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