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Metallica – Live Shit: Binge & Purge Reviews

June 2, 2009

Live Shit: Binge & Purge

This enormous live box set is a necessity for the hardcore Metallifan, though casual fans (if Metallica has any casual fans) might be scared off. It contains material up to and including the self-titled “black” album, including concert favorites “Creeping Death” and “Seek & Destroy,” as well as classics like “For Whom the Bell Tolls,” “Welcome Home (Sanitarium),” and “Fade to Black.” There are also a couple of ripping-fast solos from Jason Newsted and Kirk Hammett, and covers of “L (more…)

Slayer – Reign in Blood Reviews

May 23, 2009

Reign in Blood

This 28-minute slab of noise ranks among the most aggressive, brutal, and bone-crushingly intense major label releases ever. After opening with the highly controversial blur-of-volume “Angel of Death,” which tells of the grisly exploits of sadistic Nazi doctor Joseph Mengele, the album confronts Satanic rituals (“Altar of Sacrifice”), serial killing “Piece by Piece,” and the apocalypse (“Raining Blood”), before ending abruptly with the sounds of falling rain (assumedly blood). But (more…)

Metallica – Reload Reviews

May 22, 2009


For many heavy metal fans, Metallica epitomizes the genre, especially for those listeners who remember the band’s fast-and-furious 1983 debut, Kill ‘Em All. As a result, their continued foray into a more stripped-down, laid-back sound with this album has met a mixed response. However, there’s enough innovation and just plain strange stuff on this album to make it worth a listen. The creepy “The Memory Remains” is perfectly accentuated by Marianne Faithfull’s backing vocals, and “Wh (more…)

Metallica – Load Reviews

May 21, 2009


With Load, Metallica takes a dramatic left turn with their music, continuing in the direction suggested by Metallica, their previous album. The songs on Load have groove; they’re slower, with far fewer of the lightning-fast riffs that have been Metallica’s trademark since their inception. While songs like “Ain’t My Bitch” and “Wasting My Hate” are up-tempo and full of the vitriol one would expect from the quintessential heavy metal band, “2 X 4″ is hard rock with a blues beat, “Her (more…)

Metallica – Garage, Inc. Reviews

May 20, 2009

Garage, Inc.

This double-disc, all-covers release could come to represent a vital turning point for Metallica. While disc 2 is a straightforward collection of every cover the group have recorded in its 16-year history, disc 1 comprises 11 new selections drawn from the oeuvres of such exciting and diverse artists as U.K. punks Discharge and nefarious Australian Nick Cave. The heavier songs, such as the Mercyful Fate medley, Black Sabbath’s “Sabbra Cadabra,” and the Misfits’ “Die Die My Darling,” (more…)

Metallica – S&M Reviews

May 19, 2009


At a point in their career when most bands would rest their laurels upon a greatest-hits package or live album, Metallica has done both, but with a decidedly loopy twist. They’ve recorded a double-live greatest-hits package with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra “sitting in.” Rock history and cutout bins are littered with previous attempts at a rock-symphonic fusion, from Emerson, Lake & Palmer to Deep Purple to the Moody Blues and the Siegel-Schwall Blues Band. But while previo (more…)

Crack the Skye (CD & DVD) [SPECIAL EDITION] Reviews (by Mastodon)

May 10, 2009

Crack the Skye (CD & DVD)

Deluxe Edition contains a bonus DVD featuring the making of Crack The Skye. Mastodon has taken hold of the leadership of the New Wave of Progressive Heavy Metal. The band’s 2006 major-label debut Blood Mountain spun off a Grammy nomination and earned Top 5 Best Album Of The Year nods from Kerrang!, Revolver, and Metal Hammer, and a Top 10 at Rolling Stone. Now Crack The Skye, its fourth original studio album, mines subject matter from czarist Russia and astral travel to out-of-body (more…)