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What Are The Best Metal Bands With Classical Influences?

November 15, 2009

Should I Quit My Job And Start A Christian Death Metal Band?

November 13, 2009

What’s The Best Metal Bands Out Right Now?

November 10, 2009

i just got introduced to metal like last year. and my main band right now is slipknot. but is there other bands i should know about?

What Are The Best Folk Metal Bands?

November 8, 2009

I like Ensiferum (you probably know that unless you live under a rock) and Holy Blood.
Some more?
PS Borne, if you’re reading this, not how it isn’t a question about you-know-who.

Hey Can Anyone Help Me, Im Trying To Sing Death Metal Vocals?

November 8, 2009

i could use any help, i’d like to sing like cannibal corpse the most or like the singer from behemoth, but right now im just worried about learning the basics. im around 250 pounds and like 5′10 if you need to know

The Best of 2008 Heavy Metal Festivals

November 8, 2009

As the New Year is upon us, many travellers will be looking to book their holidays in order to get the best deals on trips intended for fun and sun; but for heavy metal fans now is the time to start booking travel to festivals in one of the most exciting years to be a heavy metal fan in recent memory. With so many festivals to pick from, this article picks the best of the bunch to make the decision as easy as possible.

Kicking off the year in truly evil style is the Inferno Metal Festival, held annually during Easter in Oslo, Norway. With this year’s event taking place from 19?22 March, the current line-up includes such names as Satyricon, Cult of Luna, 1349 and Behemoth. Due to the extreme sound of most of the bands playing Inferno, it is unlikely the festival will ever grow to be as big as the more mainstream metal festivals, but like previous years, it is likely to attract travellers from across the globe in shared appreciation of all things extreme, and despite the brutality onstage, the festival has a friendly and inviting atmosphere.

Rock am Ring and Rock im Park are two concurrent festivals held annually in Germany, this year held between 6?8 June. Both festivals have the same line-up, Rock am Ring taking place in the west of Germany and Rock im Park taking place in the south-east, with artists rotating between the two sites over the course of the three-day event. Together Rock im Park and Rock am Ring forms the largest music festival in Germany and one of the largest in the world ? last year had a combined attendance of 150,000.

If You Were Too Start A Rock/metal Band With Ur Friends?

November 6, 2009

Q1 – What Instrument would u pick
Q2 – What Genre would u be
Q3 – Pick 20 Songs you would cover
Q4 – How Many Members
I’ll Start us off
Guitar – Because I want to Shred
Thrash Metal or Grunge or Just Plain Hard Rock haven’t decide yet
1. Master of Puppets – Metallica
2. Hot For Teacher – Van Halen
3. Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana
4. Interstate Love Song – Stone Temple Pilots
5. Welcome to the Jungle – GNR
6. Painkiller – Judas Priest
7. Children of the Grave -Black Sabbath
8. High Voltage – AC/DC
9. Unchained – Van Halen
10. Wherever I may Roam – Metallica
11. She’s So Cold – The Rolling Stones
12. I Can See For Miles – The Who
13. Whole Lotta Love – Led Zeppelin
14. Kashmir – Led Zeppelin
15. Killing In The Name – Rage Against The Machine
16. I Love It Loud – Kiss
17. And The Cradle Will Rock – Van Halen
18. The Pretender – Foo Fighters
19. Cyanide – Metallica
20.No More Tears – Ozzy Osbourne
A 4 Man Band

Heavy German Metal Bands That Sing In German?

November 5, 2009

I’ve been searching for a long time to find some great metal bands; whether punk, heavy, gothic, viking, whatever. I like bands like Callejon, Plethora, Megaherz, In Extremo, Muff Potter, Killerpilze, etc. However, I would like more bands like them. If you could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. Please give responses that would help and not general information that most would know like Rammstein or Tokio Hotel. Thank you.

Progressive Rock Bands That Inspired the World

November 4, 2009

Progressive rock appeared in the late 1960s when rock artists wanted to break down the barriers of radio formatted pop and rock and progress this music genre to a place where it could achieve a more sophisticated sound, similar to that of classical music or jazz. Progressive rock is very hard to define in one conclusive way and we have progressive rock bands to prove that. Some of the most important bands of the 70s that defined this rock form did not have the same sound.

Psychedelic music is believed to be the starting point of progressive rock. Some people also believe that bands like The Beatles contributed to the progressive rock movement. However, the two progressive rock bands that most people see as being the first of this new- found genre were King Crimson and Yes. These progressive rock bands appeared at the end of the 1960s and although the first band was attributed to hard progressive rock sub- genre and the second to symphonic rock, they were both catalogued as progressive rock bands, as their sound was unique and more sophisticated. Genesis is yet another rock band that aspired to progressive rock. Their third progressive rock album set things straight for this band. They were a symphonic rock band and thus a progressive rock band.

Great Britain was the first country that started the progressive rock movement, but Italy was not far behind either. Banco Del Mutuo Soccorco and Premiata Forneria Marconi were progressive rock bands that led the way for all rock bands all over Europe to progress and define this rock genre. As far as the progressive rock movement is concerned, these two European countries were the ones that opened all doors and invited all rock bands to evolve and give the world great progressive rock albums. However, Great Britain is still the top promoter of progressive rock bands, with Caravan, another progressive rock band from this country, being the one that defined the third sub- genre of progressive rock: Canterbury. So, at the end of the 1960s, progressive rock bands established three sub- genres: hard prog, symphonic and Canterbury.

The 1970s represented the crowning of progressive rock as a genre and some of the greatest progressive rock albums were released in this decade. Jethro Tull?s ?Thick as a brick? or Rush?s ?2112? are only two of the most appreciated progressive rock albums released in the 70s. Moreover, this decade brought another ten sub- genres of progressive rock to life, and many progressive rock bands came forth in this period. As if progressive rock was not complicated enough, art folk, classical prog, folk prog, ambient, Rio, pomp prog, jazz fusion, electronic, Zeuhl and krautrock were listed as sub- genres of the 60s rock genre.

In the next two decades, progressive rock did not progress as much as it had up to that moment. In the 80s, it was dethroned by the punk movement and progressive rock bands chose to give birth to another sub- genre: neo progressive. There were few progressive rock albums released in the 80s, some of the most prolific ones being Rush?s ?Moving Pictures? or Fate?s Warning?s ?No Exit?. Progressive metal rock was also listed as a sub- genre in this period. The 1990s were dominated by the development of metal prog, through Dream Theatre. This decade is mainly characterized by the revival of the progressive scene of the seventies.

For more resources about Progressive rock bands or even about progressive rock albums please review this web page

For more resources about Progressive rock bands or even about progressive rock albums please review this web page

My Fiance Is Trying To Start A Heavy Metal Band Would Anyone Be Interested In Joining?

November 2, 2009

All he needs is a guitarist and a drummer preferbly a drummer who plays double bass my fiance is really talented on vocals and his friend is extremely talented on bass so please give us an answer thanks by the way if interested please email him at thanks for your attention.