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October 15, 2009

Remember these guys? They were here, then they were gone, and recently I just found out that they came back and are still around but I had no clue. They are now considered Alternative Rock. I remember Post-Grunge with Frogstomp.

This is a band of three, unlike Guns n’ Roses with a band of 17 (ok I’m exaggerating) and have sold over 6million records to date. They were back in studio again June 6/09 according to their website.

As I looked through their videos from days gone by, I realized they had a lot out in the 90’s! I recognized pretty much all of them and knew most of the words. These guys started at the age of 14, which is amazing because look at the time they’ve been together (including the hiatus as mentioned below only b/c the originals got back together after that point). That’s like 17yrs! From youth! Normally you see people come and go (especially through growing stages of being a kid/teen to older teen, to in the 20’s and now 30) but not these guys, the originals are still together, to date! I dug up some pre-Frogstomp “Tomorrow” and it was quite cute and raw compared to the release after their CD but it was good to see the before ‘being popular’ video.

Daniel Johns (singer) had a break from Silverchair. After rumours of drug addiction he had to finally explain that he had developed anorexia nervosa as a result of listening to his own music. Yeah, I know, wth?? At his thinnest, Johns claims that he weighed less than 110 pounds. In my opinion even at his skinniest, he was still freaking hott. A little stick man but still hott. Mind you he wouldn’t have had much energy so that would suck. With Neon Ballroom came the single “Ana’s Song (Open Fire)” about Johns’ battle and inner feelings struggling with the condition. Further confirmation came in 2004, when Johns spoke at length to ABC interviewer Andrew Denton and revealed that at one point he had considered suicide. Because of his love for animals he had become a vegan, however, he had to become a vegetarian – doctor’s orders!

Check this shit out – In a January 1996 murder case, the defendant counsel for Brian Bassett, 16, and Nicholaus McDonald, 18, claimed that the pair listening to “Israel’s Son”, from Frogstomp, caused the murder of Bassett’s parents to take place. The band issued a statement denying that they condoned any such acts of violence, and the defence case was rejected. Its one thing to sing about it, and a totally different thing to do it. Silverchair doesn’t go around killing people?and what about Eminem’s new CD Relapse?? I own it and its one of his most fucked up CD’s yet. But he himself doesn’t walk around at 3am in the morning killing people?really though. Get a grip. If he did what he sings about he’d be put away forever with no chance of parole as well as many many other bands that sing about death and violence. A huge difference from it being fake and real and some people thing the bands condone this. If music starts talking to you, telling you to do this shit, you need help, it’s not real. And EM puts it perfectly in his “Sing for the Moment” song – “They say music can alter moods and talk to you, Well can it load a gun up for you, and cock it too.?. See what these kids do is hear about us totin’ pistols, and they want to get one cause they think the shit’s cool. Not knowin’ we really just protectin’ ourselves?. But music is reflection of self, we just explain it, ?..It’s fucked up ain’t it” Yeah it is fucked up EM, it really is.

Back to Silverchair – during their break the members recorded with side projects The Dissociatives, The Mess Hall, and Tambalane. Silverchair were reunited at the 2005 Wave Aid concerts, and went on to release Young Modern and play the Across the Great Divide tour with Powderfinger. Silverchair’s sound has evolved throughout their career, differing sounds on specific albums steadily growing more ambitious over the years, from post-grunge on their debut to their more recent orchestral prog-infused chamber-pop. The song writing and singing of Daniel Johns has been noted as improving steadily while the band has developed an increased element of complexity in later works. I had actually heard one of their songs a couple years ago but honestly didn’t know it was them, however, I really liked it! It was “Straight Lines” Keep Rocking guys!

Singing Metal!– Protecting Voice?

October 13, 2009

Ok well to make a long story short i need to learn how to protect my voice if i make it strained/sing in chest voice for prolonged periods of time. Oh and im also a girl attempting enter sandman

How Can I Teach Myself To Sing?

October 12, 2009

i want to sing metal, like death and black. i can play the guitar and a few other instruments so i do have knowledge of music.

Death Growls and the Cookie Monster

October 10, 2009

I’m going for a little swim in the Death Metal pool. This is something that doesn’t turn me on a lot but as I have said before, I am open-minded and might find something I like if I learn about it. Death Metal is something that I didn’t know existed till only years ago but come to find out it was started back in the mid-80’s.

Some people frown on the idea of death metal and avoid the scariness having the stereotype of it with members believing in Satanism, anti-religion, Occultism, mysticism, philosophy and social commentary. However, few practice mysticism and most seem to use it solely as metaphorology for their works. Although violence may be explored in various other genres as well, death metal elaborates on the details of extreme acts, including mutilation, dissection, torture, rape and necrophilia. ?.And this is different from Eminem because???? I can’t always understand what’s being sung with Death Metal so I didn’t know this was what they were singing about.

Venom and Slayer influenced early Death Metal. Some thrash metal that helped this genre along were Celtic Frost, Kreator and then an early pioneer, the band Death (see blog pic of Death’s deceased lead signer Chuck Schuldiner, the father of death metal).

Now to explain about the cookie monster and how he plays a part in this (if you didn’t already know)? simple really, there is death growling and grunting and this is also known as Cookie Monster vocals. Really though, think about it and remember what he sounded like and don’t tell me you never watched Sesame Street. The comparison is uncanny.

We were there when Cannibal Corpse played last year in Montreal at Heavy MTL but I didn’t pay a lot of attention at the time because I was waiting for other acts and as mentioned wasn’t really in to that kind of music. Now I wished I had paid more attention so I’d have a live performance to blog about to compare?o wait! I do! We saw ATR (All That Remains – said to be melodic metalcore, and melodic death metal (earlier shit)) in May as they were one of the 3 opening bands for Disturbed. Now, I was impressed by the reaction of the crowd. Our seats weren’t bad and we could look down on them in the pit so we could see a lot. They got the pit going and signalled for the Circle Pit, now that was awesome! The show they put on was good and the lead signer was full of life flying around the stage. I was glad there was some signing with the growling as it gave a break. ?sorry guys for the fans of Death Metal, I could handle some but it was hard on my head. Lol. A lot of it probably had to do with the acoustics of the building. Speaking of my head, I did catch myself bobbing my head to the music numerous times. The music is awesome, just not used to the vocals. I do appreciate the energy and the vocals needed to create that sound, that in it self takes strength and can tire you I’m sure. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of this shit live.

Since being on Twitter I have had a number of Death Metal bands following me which kind of surprised me because my name says Heavy Metal Momma, not Death Metal Momma?so anyway, I’ve been checking them out. Some are pretty good you should check them out as well. You’ll see a few of them mention they are Alternative/Metal/Rock or Metal/Thrash but I think sound more like Death Metal?but I could be wrong! Check me out and then my followers, you may be impressed. And may I add, I hate idiot spammers selling shit and the virus senders?fk off. I’m going through another wave of deletion soon for those people.

A Closer Look at Avril Lavigne

October 9, 2009

Music is one art form that has the capacity of capturing and touching your mind and soul completely. For music lovers and singers the whole feeling of listening to music or singing a song is just overwhelming. Avril Lavigne is one singer who firmly believes in this capacity of touching heart and souls through music. Listen to any of her songs and you will feel this touch instantly, no matter from which corner of the world you are. Avril is a Canadian singer who has sold more then twenty six million albums worldwide. It is not only music that she has a hold on, last year she was voted by a Canadian business magazine ranked her as the seventh most powerful Canadian person in Hollywood. Born Avril Ramona Lavigne Whibley to parents of French origin, she is better known in the music world as Avril Lavigne. She is just 24 years of age and has recorded many music albums.

According to Avril?s mother the musical talents of her daughter were evident very early when she began singing with her mother in the church choir; she was all of two years back at that time. The year 1998 was crucial for her singing career; in this year she got an opportunity to sing on stage with fellow Canadian singer Shania Twain on her first major tour concert. Avril got the chance to sing with Shania after winning a signing competition where she had participated, she sang the song What Made you Say That along with Shania. Later on she was discovered as a singer by Cliff Fabri while she was singing at a Chapters bookstore in Kingston. By the age of 16 she had been signed up by Ken Krongard, representative of Arista Records. It was after this that she completed work on her first album.

Avril?s album Let Go was released in the year 2002, and the album went on to reach the pole position in United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. As a result she became the youngest female lead singer to have an album in number one at that time. The song Complicated went on to became a major hit among fans world wide and turned out to be one of the best selling Canadian singles that year. This song brought many nominations and wards on her way. Some of the most prominent ones were Best New Artist in the MTV Music Video Awards of 2002, World Music Award for ?World?s Best Selling Canadian Singer, she wan nominated for six Juno Awards and ended up winning 4 of them and was nominated for eight Grammy Awards.

Under My Skin and The Best Damn Thing are a couple of albums that she recorded subsequently. The single Girlfriend from the album The Best Damn thing was a huge hit and went on to be at the top of Hot Billboard 100. Currently Avril is married to fellow Canadian Singer Deryck Whibley, the couple married in a catholic ceremony attended by friends and family on July 15th 2006.

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Become the Karaoke King (or Queen) by Changing Your Vocal Style

October 7, 2009
If you are working in a tribute band, or competing in karaoke competitions, you want as much vocal flexibility as possible. Your list of cover artists can increase dramatically if you have more choices with your voice and technique. So how do you change your vocal style, and what is vocal style anyway?

Changing your singing style is less about the sound you make, and more about the way you use your voice, and move it from note to note. Perhaps it’s the phrase shapes you use, such as many notes on one syllable, long phrases or short, single notes. Or even the type of accent or dialect you use when you sing (American, South London “reggae”, Motown, ‘Britpop’, operatic, Italian English etc).

For this article I’m going to focus on one aspect of vocal style – the way you can start and finish a note. Starting a note is called Making the Tone Onset, and it happens right at the beginning of a note, word or phrase.

You can onset a sound in several different ways. Each musical style will use different types of onset by default. Each artist usually has a few favourite ways of starting and finishing, so let’s explore.

I use the following exercise in my vocal studio to help my clients find out how to change their style. Classical or operatic singers usually use three standard onsets, so let’s begin with those. Let’s assume that you want to say the word “Ah”:

1. You can stop the breath before you begin by putting a glottal stop in front of the word or holding your breath “closed” before you say the word ( ‘ah! or ‘uh-’oh). This is the word of surprise or warning. If you do this correctly, you actually start with a silence!

2. Allow the breath to flow first, by adding an h to the start of the word (ha). If you do this correctly, your breath will already be moving before you make the note itself.

3. You can glide into the note without either breath or a stop by holding your breath “open” or “hovering” before you make the sound – (~ah). If you do this correctly, the sound and the breath happen together, and you get a very smooth start to the note – there’s no sound of breath flowing already, and there’s no sudden attack. This is in fact the one that classical singers use the most, because it’s a smooth, gliding onset.

Now let’s move to the pop and rock recording artists (and of course blues, soul, gospel, death metal, grunge – you get the picture…). Contemporary commercial music uses these three onsets, but they have much more fun using all sorts of new ones.

Here’s a few for you to play with:

- Creak like an old door opening. You can sometimes find this if you talk like you are really tired. It’s a really gentle sound and can mean you are being very tired or very sexy! If you do this correctly, your breath flow will be very small and slow, and the sound will “creak” into the note.

- Flip onto the note. This means that you usually start the note higher and flip down onto the “real” note. The most extreme cases sound like Tarzan, but it depends how much higher you start! This is a favourite with Country and Western singers. If you do this correctly, it’ll sound like a yodel or a “catch in the voice”.

- Squeeze the note! This is a more dangerous one (after all, that’s what it’s supposed to sound like). You start by aiming for the note in your head and squeezing it out of a tighter throat. The best version of this is to begin the note with the squeeze then open your throat quickly to get a clearer sound. If you do this correctly, you’ll stay on the same note but start it with a more muffled, “strained” sound and open onto a clearer note straight away.

Here’s a tip: onsets work best when the word starts with a vowel, but you can do them on words beginning with other letters. So start by using words such as “ah”, “yeah”, “oh”, and “uh”

And anything you can do to start a note, you can do to finish it. So experiment with these ideas:

- Sing a word and practise ending it with a creak.

- Do it again, but this time finish with a flip.

- Now sing the same word and end with a squeeze.

- Have fun mixing and matching

- Start a note with a squeeze and end with a flip

- Now start and stop with a creak

- Start with breath flowing and end with a creak.

Now that you’re getting the feel of these onsets and offsets, go back and listen to your favorite artist again. Remember that these onsets only happen at the very beginning of the note or phrase, and the offsets happen at the very end. Notice which onsets and offsets your singer uses.

In fact, they’ll use some of the sounds you’ve just learned and not others. That’s because their style includes certain things and excludes others, and they wouldn’t want to change their style too much, or they might lose you as a fan!

Once you’ve found these onsets in your own voice, sing a few lines of your favourite artist’s songs and experiment with using different onsets at the beginning of the phrases. When you copy the onsets and offsets they use, you start to sound much more like them.

For articles, free downloads and information on effective vocal training, check out Vocal Process, the voice training company that’s “revolutionising the way singing is taught” (LINK magazine)

Avril Lavigne’s Music Appeals Top the Mass

October 6, 2009

Avril Lavigne is not just any other singer in the music word, but she is someone who has done very well in her career. The huge number of fan and the large number of her record albums sold is a testimony to this. Avril Ramona Lavigne Whibley is popularly known to fans as Avril Lavigne or simply Avril. She belonged to a family of devout Christians and very early, when she was just a kid of two her musical talents were spotted by her mother. Back in those days, Avril used to sing with her mother in the church choir and it was here that her mother spotted her wonderful singing talents. Avril took part in many singing competitions and she won one, where she got a chance to sing with fellow Canadian singer Shania Twain. This was one of the beigest breaks in her singing career. She sang the song What Made you Say That appearing on stage along with Shania and this was just the beginning.

Avril was discovered professionally by her first manager Cliff Fabri while she was singing at a Chapter s Bookstore in Ontario. Avril’s first album was Let Go, released in the United States in the year 2002. This album witnessed phenomenal success and went on to be at the top of the charts in several places like Canada, Australia and United Kingdom. This is a record and Avril went on to become the youngest female soloist at the age of 18 years to have a number one album in the United Kingdom at that time. This album went on achieve many more records subsequently, it reached the multi platinum status and after that was certified as having reached the status of triple platinum after two weeks.

The album sold more than 1 million copies worldwide and turned out to be the best selling album of a female artist who debuted in 2002. A single from the album complicated want on to reach the top of the charts in Australia. In America Avril’s single reached the top of the Hot 100 Billboard countdown besides being one of the best selling singles in Canada that year. Under My Skin was Avril’s next album which was released in the year 2004. The album debuted at the top in Germany, Japan, Canada, Australia, Thailand, United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and many other places. The album sold more then 300,000 copies in the first week itself in the United States. Most of the lyrics of the album were written by Lavigne in collaboration with Chantal Kreviazuk, a Canadian songwriter.

Avril has won many awards in her short singing career till date. Some of the major awards won by her are MTV Awards, Juno Awards, World Music Award and Grammy Awards. Avril has also worked in movies like Over the Hedge and The Flock. Right now Avril is married to Deryck Whibley, a Canadian singer. Avril Lavigne’s musical journey ahs been very successful though it is pretty early to say how she her future albums will do and if she can carry over her success or not. With the amount of talent that she has, it appears she is here to stay for a long time and entertain her fans.

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Calming the Freight Train in the Mind

October 4, 2009

Do you find it difficult to meditate? Meditation is often defined as quieting or calming the mind. There are many ways to do this. And that is good news.

An effective way of calming the mind is to create a very strong focus on one thing. Singing bowls are a successful tool for creating this focus. Their sound has such a powerful presence that it is difficult not to focus the mind, especially when you are playing one. It is a wonderful way to create a meditative state with minimum effort. And that is even better news.

Sound moves through your body faster than it moves through the air. The sound of the singing bowls affects you physically in three main ways. The first is the effect of the sound on your brain waves. It stimulates more brain waves in the alpha frequency range (around 8 to 13 Hertz), calming the mind. The second is the effect of the physical motion of playing the bowl. This simple and repetitive motion commands your attention as does the sound created by the bowl. This in turn creates the third effect. Your breathing and heartbeat slow down, putting you into a relaxed state.

I have assisted many people in learning how to play the Tibetan and crystal singing bowls and have found a few simple things to make your first experience playing the bowls successful. A singing bowl is played either by striking the outside of the bowl or by rubbing the stick or mallet around the outside rim. Some people find that there is a subtle difference in the feeling and effect created within them by choosing either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction for the rubbing movement. If you have a singing bowl, I invite you to play with this. Below are a few helpful hints.

Tibetan (or metal) singing bowl: 1. If the bowl is small enough to fit in your hand to play, make sure you hold the bowl in a way that does as little as possible to muffle the sound. Wrapping your fingers around the bowl will muffle its sound more. Two ways that work well are either to hold your hand flat and place the bowl in the middle of the palm or to balance the bowl on your fingertips.

2. If the bowl has a straight rim, hold the stick straight up and down as you move the stick around the rim of the bowl. If the bowl has a curved rim, try holding the stick at an angle toward the center of the bowl as you move the stick around the rim. You can vary the pressure of the stick against the bowl to control the volume of the sound. You can also give the bowl a gentle tap to get the sound started.

3. As the bowl begins to sound and vibrate more, you may notice the stick rattles against the edge of the bowl. The rattle can be minimized by slowing down the movement of the stick around the bowl and by adding more pressure on the stick against the bowl.

Crystal singing bowl: 1. Crystal bowls are more fragile that Tibetan bowls. They are played usually with a rubber mallet covered with suede. You can use the mallet to chime (i.e. gently strike the side) of the bowl or to rub it around the outside rim as for the Tibetan bowl.

2. Please be aware that crystal singing bowls can get very loud. Loud enough to cause discomfort or damage to your hearing. You can control the volume of your bowl by the varying speed of moving the mallet around the bowl and by varying the pressure of the mallet against the outside of the bowl.

As you are playing your bowl, turn your awareness to the effect of the sound on your body, emotions and mental state. Often as a person plays a bowl for several minutes, the physical change in their body is quite dramatic. Their shoulders relax and their breathing slows down. The whole body becomes more relaxed and the mind becomes more calm. Often, the person becomes so engrossed in the sound that they become oblivious to their surroundings. That is powerful focus.

Sharon Carne has transformed a successful 30-year career of teaching and performing the classical guitar to teaching within the wellness programs of corporations. She is asked to speak for numerous groups on the power of healing sound to reduce stress, create deeper meditations, ease emotional release, create focus and concentration and ease the symptoms of illness and disease.

In Memoriam – How To Sing

October 3, 2009

The Best Way to Sing

Str8 from THIVA

How To Be A Horrible Singer

October 1, 2009

Are you serious? How on earth did you end up landing on this page unless you really want to be a horrible singer? Or you are actually surprised with the title of this article?

Most people will want to learn how to sing beautifully, so why did I write a singing article teaching people how to sing horribly?

Well, how about looking at it this way. If you can understand what horrible singing is all about, then you will be able to sing better by avoiding the common mistakes horrible singers do, right? In the law of attraction, this is called “Contrast”.

1) Shouting instead of singing – Unknown to many amateur or even many professional singers when singing a fast number, they shout instead of sing. Sometimes this happens because of bad sound check and the singer could not hear herself/himself. Sometimes it is through sheer bad habit and worse of all, they are not even aware of it.

Shouting out a song, unless the song requires you to like certain rock or heavy metal songs not only sounds horrible to your audience and if done persistently over a period of time can cause permanent damage to you vocal cords.

2) Singing without warming up – Warming up your voice before a performance is vital for voice care. Singing when your vocal cords are cold, especially when singing high notes will make your voice sound very tight and tensed. Furthermore, it could also lead to voice damage in the long run.

3) Not Cooling Down – Cooling down your voice with the right vocal exercises is just as important as warming up. After a performance, your vocal cords are strained and stressed. You need to cool it down to ensure good voice care.

4) Smoking – Think of all the tar, toxins and heat hitting your vocal cords every time when you smoke. Don’t you think you are destroying your voice in the long run? Is it any wonder why singers who smoke have raspy voices?

5) Alcohol Consumption – Consumption of alcohol dehydrates you. That means that your vocal cords are vibrating without enough lubricant or fluid and the constant rubbing of your dry vocal folds during singing will damage them. Furthermore, if you drink before a performance, you may forget your lyrics and make you look like an idiot on stage. Isn’t that horrible?

6) Not getting enough sleep – When your energy level is not at its optimum, do you really think that you can put up an energetic or even an artistic performance?

7) Singing out of your vocal range – You may want to impress your audience by singing very high or very low notes which are not in your vocal range. This is a terrible mistake as your voice will not only come out as sounding badly strained, it is also awful for your audience’s ears.

8) Drinking honey or milk – Ok, I hear your howls of protest because many people think that drinking honey actually sooth their throats. Well, drinking honey, sugary drinks and dairy products will cause a build up of phlegm. When your vocal folds are coated with a sticky film of phlegm, do you think they can vibrate freely enough to create the resonance for a good singing voice?

So if you want to sing horribly or want to damage to your vocal cords, then follow the above so that you can be a horrible singer. If not, just stay away from these bad singing habits and develop a beautiful singing voice through proper vocal exercises.

Chris Chew is the webmaster of learn music website at How To Sing Powerfully and
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