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Bringing on Lamb of God

September 28, 2009

Hi all! Haven?t been in blog world in a bit, took a break for a vacay. Thought I?d get back in to it and learn more about Lamb of God, as this is one group in the family of metal that I don?t know a lot about. My genre doesn?t include a lot of death, melodic death, metal core, groove, black metal but I?m open to listening and learning and I?m not going to ?Fake it? to try to impress anyone and I?m not going to be narrow minded and not give it a shot. So here it goes?

I found their name popping up more and more over the past few months and then I was impressed when I found out they were going to be in our province along with Gwar, which meant I was actually going to get to see them live?cuz I just have to see Gwar *L* I think this concert is going to hurt my ears and head b/c ?Job for a Cowboy? is also a band playing and if you remember reading a past blog about Death Metal, we saw All That Remains. I liked the music but the actual singing part was a nice break from the growling for my head?plus the acoustics were kinda sucky at the venue so that might have done it too. So my interest began when I kept hearing their name and then found out they were coming. This should be quite the show just before Halloween with all the death (metal) in the air and blood and body parts thrown from stage. I will need a bag to protect my camera b/c we?re there as media. Can?t wait!! Eeeeee!

You came here to read about what I had to say about Lamb of God so I?d better get my ass in to it. These guys started off in 1990 with the band name ?Burn the Priest? however, after a short time they changed it to Lamb of God?that name doesn?t sound so hateful now, does it? They were actually banned in some places b/c their name was thought to be ?evil? and mean evil. Nah, really? So there boys and girls, remember when choosing a band name, make sure you?re not going to scare venue owners so they don?t add you to their concerts and events listings. These guys met in college (See! Pays to go to college! You can end up doing some really kewl things that have nothing to do with what you?re studying and it will totally p*ss your parents off after they?ve spent all that money to send you there). Mark Morton, drummer, actually left the band and went back to college tho to get his masters degree?way to go Mark!

Motorhead – Teach You How To Sing The Blues

September 25, 2009

teach you how to sing the blues by motorhead

Motorhead – Teach You How To Sing The Blues

September 25, 2009

teach you how to sing the blues by motorhead


September 24, 2009


?Living on a ship is fabulous!’ says 26-year-old Louise. ?I
would never have seen so many exotic places if I hadn’t been on
the ship, probably not in my whole lifetime!’

‘ I was born in Greece and grew up on a small island. I have
always adored the sea but it never occurred to me that one day I
would actually be at sea for a living. I was brought up to
follow a career in Languages, and take over my parents’ business
on the island. But things worked out in a different way. Many
people make plans , but they can never know what the future will
bring, can they?

After graduating from High school, I was sent to UK to study
Modern Languages. I spent my time there studying hard and
finally graduating successfully. Then I decided to go for an MA
to complete my education. My life changed out of the blue just
after getting my MA in Tourism Management. I was just one of the
bunch of students of Middlessex University in UK, who was
seeking a challenging job, not just an ordinary job to get by. I
was lucky enough to find it soon , to my family’s dismay who
expected me to fly back to Greece.

It wasn’t really hard finding a job. I contacted a job agency,
in London. It would be my first job after graduating, and I was
actually looking for a hotel based job…but it all happened by

One day the agent left me a message about a new interview…I
thought it would be about a hotel job, as the previous ones, so
I met the person in charge on the same afternoon. It was during
the interview that I realized we were talking about a ship! But
I had to make up my mind promptly, so I grabbed the chance to
try something more challenging than a hotel job. As soon as I
left the interview the agent called me and said that I’d got the

Many people ask me about the qualifications one needs to get a
job like this. Well, it depends… . You could have a degree in
Languages and Tourism or something relevant to it. I’ve got an
MA in Tourism Management and I speak five languages, but there
is a variety of posts on board according to the qualifications
one has got.

At the beginning I worked as a crew purser…that means that I
was responsible for a lot of paperwork concerning crew and
passengers. I had got my own office but I sometimes worked at
the reception desk, so I had got the chance to meet a lot of
people and make new friends. I also had contact with the agents
in every port we sailed, and that was a great opportunity for me
to know people from all over the world, and keep contact for
future job positions on land.

My first contract lasted three months. But you can renew it for
a longer period if you wish to. At first I wasn’t sure if I
could handle sea-sickness, but it was ok; I only felt a little
dizzy, but my roommate got really sick! Now I can’t sleep if I
don’t feel that rocking movement!

The majority of the crew are men. There are only few female
officers in high ranks. So, we are being taken good care of and
I like that. I’ve recently been promoted to a higher rank, so I
do enjoy being the boss of a couple of male officers!

I enjoy practically everything! I meet a lot of new people,
apart from the crew members, and we are all a big family. I love
the feeling of being in a place that reminds me of my student
days. It’s like being in the university Residence Hall, you’re
never alone, and I like that.

However, there’s hard work on board! It’s not all fun and games
as many people tend to think. You are expected to work on a very
tight schedule, from 6.00 am till late at night. It’s shift work
actually. Sometimes you don’t have much free time to relax, and
some of the passengers can get real annoying! But you must wear
your prettiest smile and be polite and helpful all the time. You
must be patient, friendly and available. It’s very important the
passengers feel at home.

Some friends of mine ask me if I meet young people on board. To
tell you the truth, only some of the crew members are young.
Their age ranges from 24 to 40 something. The passengers are
mostly middle-aged retired people.

When I have some free time I usually go to the gym. There’s a
fab gym on board, you know. There are also two pools but crew
members are not allowed to swim in there, so I just lie on a
sunbed to get a bit of a tan. Sometimes I get up early in the
morning and I go jogging around the deck. Many a times , after
the evening shift some of the crew get together and chat, sing
or dance. We’re having a great time; sometimes you’ve got the
feeling the party is non stop.

I’ve visited a lot of fantastic places, like Honolulu…I loved
Hawaii, it looked so full of life, high buildings on the beach,
marvelous view, lots of shops and lots of people. Second best
comes Thailand, I just loved it! There were also other nice
places such as Melbourne in Australia. I would love to stay
there for a while. Small islands such as Bora Bora and Christmas
island in the Pacific were fantastic. I sometimes have the
chance to swim in the blue green sea of remote islands and take
a lot of pictures.

My family disapproved of my decision. But I was firm so, I went
on board. They finally realized but this job made me happy and
that I had to follow my dream.

This job is just great! I mean I’m getting paid to see all the
exotic places in the world. Isn’t it fantastic? I would need a
fortune to travel around the world, but now I can do it and keep
my savings as well!

I was 24 when I first went aboard, and now, two years later,
having worked on two different cruise ships , I still feel this
is the right place for me to be: On board! My friends often ask
me why I just can’t have a job on land. They believe I miss out
a lot of things such as steady socializing and settling down in
a permanent area. Is that true?

I do meet a lot of people on board, and sometimes they are
really nice , and I do make friends. The only thing is that I
constantly make new friends, but sometimes I meet the same
persons at the ports we visit. The fact that I don’t have a
steady home, is thrilling for me. I don’t feel castaway because
I don’t have a permanent home! I visit my parents’ home whenever
I am on vacations, and I don’t feel the need to settle down
somewhere permanently. The girls I’ve met on the ship think the
same way. There is nothing missing out. But the people who are
on land, work there and own a house, just can not think the same
way I do. We all see this job from a different perspective. Why
should people have a steady place to live in? Maybe it’s not so
good to be ’steady’ in everything, after all.

If I ever get a job on land, and it may happen one day, one
thing I know for sure! I won’t work in an office. I’ll just find
it too boring after my present experience on board! I love being
on the move and I love exploring the world. Maybe this feeling
is going to last for ever, who knows? I’ve known people who are
in their sixties and still work on board. You may say that it is
not that easy for a woman. I agree that if someone wants to have
a family can’t go on working on a ship. Kids need a permanent
home and their mum has to be around to care for them. That’s the
only reason that can make me quit this job. But no one knows
what the future holds!

It’s definitely great experience to work on a ship, and a good
opportunity to get useful connections one might need later on,
but , above all, it’s the love for the unknown, the adventure
and the mystery of new places and new people that attracts me to
the sea…and I can only tell you this: Follow your dream! Don’t
let anyone distract you from the way you wish to live. Life’s
just too short to waste it!’

As told to Liana Metal



Liana Metal is a writer based in Greece. Visit her e books site
at and the writers’ site at New site at to help authors promote their

An Article On How To Sing Death Metal Vocals

September 22, 2009

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How To Sing Death Metal

September 21, 2009

See title.

Styles of Christian Music – Hiphop,metal,punk, Rock and Rap

September 19, 2009

“There are some people God has called to evangelism,and they’re doing a wonderful job, having results.That’s great. … God wanted us to do something else.So we got into the area of challenging people, and our ministry basically happens offstage one-on-one when we talk with people. It’s very subtle, but God’s doing a

work! It’s entertainment, it’s fun, its a concert–it s all those things–but at a subtle, deeper level, it touches people’s hearts” (TERRY TAYLOR OF THE DANIEL AMOS BAND, cited by Dan and Steve Peters, What about Christian Rock, p. 109).

“I love to hear the music playing slow or fast … Don’t stop, don’t stop the music, play it in your own way. . .. I hear dissenting voices quick to disagree. But I’m on a music mission; they don’t bother me. I’ll sing those songs that set me free. Cause kids want to rock” (ED DEGARMO AND DANA KEY, “Don’t Stop the Music ,” Streetlight, Benson

Publications, 1986, p. 24). “You now have songs about pain and death and divorce and sex and relationships and everything that every one of us goes through, whereas atone time contemporary Christian music only talked about the death and resurrection of Christ. We’re much more in

touch with ourselves and our neighbors, which is the whole idea behind Christ in the first place” (MELISSA HELM OF MYRRH RECORDS, Music Line magazine, June 1986, p. 4).

In Greebville Seminary Conference on Worship Taylors of South Carolina said “last thirty years or so have seen the most dramatic and speedy changes in Protestant worship in any time since the Reformation. Surely the principal mark and symbol of that change is the change in the music

of the church. The development of what has come to be called Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) has become an amazingly widespread phenomenon”. Due to the rise of Pentecostalism there is some dramatic change in development of CCM. Contemporary Christian Music is pop/rock version of

Christian Music with lyrics based on Christian Faith. Contemporary Christian Music became more popular in 1980’s with Music of Christian Music Artist Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant. Millions of copies of there album were sold worldwide. Download Christian Music Video, Video Tapes,

Christian TV Shows, Christian MTV Shows and Christian Music Videos By 1990’s there were many new Christian Music styles such as Hip hop, metal, punk and alternative styles of Christian Music.

Christian Music Artists like Lost Dogs, Joy Electric and Star flyer 59 were against the new styles of Contemporary Christian Music and they continued to create and compile Original Christian Music. Due to tunes and melodies of Christian Music melodies, it is considered as Traditional art. Russian Christian Music is one of those few music which doesn’t use any instruments

in it, It is sang by choir without background music and Catholic masses in catholic church still perform Bach organ music which were created long time ago.

Article written by Pandithurai K.

How To Sing Like A Metal Vocalist?

September 18, 2009

I really love Lamb of God and bands like that, any hints on how to sing like em’?

Does Anyone Know How To Sing Hardrock Properly?

September 16, 2009

im in an osome band and i need ta learn how to sing stuff like breaking benjamin or skillet or thousand foot krutch or demon hunter or anything hard rock. ino thers a proper way ta sing metal and im kinda having trouble.

Rock Lyrics That Sing Praises to God

September 15, 2009

Musicians often have hell to pay for playing rock and roll.