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How the Singing Fish Works

August 29, 2009

Wall decors come in many kinds. Traditional ones include sculptures, emblems, beautiful paintings, or mosaics. A more contemporary home may have a colorful, artful display of lights projected into the wall.

However, there are other kinds of wall decors that are less than traditional. We’ve seen an entire wall as an aquarium, for example, with lots of colorful fish swimming in it. One of the most unusual wall decors is the singing fish, which has gained popularity in the United States. A singing fish looks like a large stuffed bass or a trout mounted on a wall plaque. When someone walks near it, it starts to wriggle, swing its head out, and lip syncs to a popular pre-recorded song, a clip that is usually thirty seconds long. For many viewers, it will come out as a funny surprise.

Singing fishes are now a fad in the country, available in mall stores, in a flea market, on television, or in the Internet. Sales are quite high that many stores often run out of stock to sell.

It might look like a ridiculous nautical wall d

Tips on Scream Singing Techniques

August 28, 2009

There are singers who possess the talent to write songs, do great on live shows or through auditions, can sing in harmony with a band, and can create great singing without general music. But Scream singing sometimes looks like a noise to many people. The process of scream singing is a complicated one as it requires screaming in a proper manner, especially if you are dealing with a death metal singing.

It is important to know the right techniques to learn scream singing. It should be kept under consideration that screams singing can be achieved properly by practicing it regularly. You should experiment new things on your voice as this will help you to acknowledge your singing limits. Also, by adopting different warming up methods will enable you to find the one that suits your voice perfectly. Learn all the things about your voice as this is important for your success as a professional singer. The following guidelines will help you to become a professional singer in scream singing.

1) You should have patience to learn to scream singing properly. You cannot be a good scream singer overnight.

2) It would take a good length of time to perfect it. If you are being impatient and are screaming beyond your capability, it will be of no help to you. Rather, it would lead to serious vocal chord damage.

3) In scream singing, if you are trying to use all air immediately, it will result in hurting.

4) Remember that excess of everything is bad.

5) Get familiar with head resonance, if you are planning to learn scream singing.

How Can I Learn To Sing In Harsh Metal Vocal Styles?

August 26, 2009

I would like to know how I can approach harsh Metal vocals without ruining my vocal chords. I’d like to sing in a style similar to John Haughm of Agalloch.

How To Sing Metal…ish

August 25, 2009

Alex’s guide to quite growls. Note: I’m not an expert, and don’t really know what I’m talking about. These are just things I’ve found out on my own about how to sing metal and IMPORTANTLY not hu…

The Origins, History and Production of the Singing Bowl

August 23, 2009

The knowledge of singing bowl production would have spread throughout Asia along established trade routes. Many believe that the Buddha, Padmasambhava, crossed the Himalaya mountains from India into Tibet. He bought the teachings of the Buddha into the country and also the knowledge of singing bowls. Contrary to popular belief, singing bowls were not used during any religious practices but were used instead as begging bowls and for food. During this period monasteries only used the singing bowl as a chalice.

If the singing bowl was not produced for religious practice then the obvious question is: what were they used for? There are accounts of travelling smiths who would make the bowls with materials gathered during their travels. Other theories suggest it was the monks themselves that produced the bowls. If so though, why were they used for eating and not meditation? What was the reason for having the bowls ’sing’? The fact is no one can be entirely sure who produced the earliest singing bowls as there is no concrete evidence to support either theory.

Ancient singing bowls were traditionally made of seven various metals, each one symbolising a different planet in the solar system. The sound produced by the singing bowls would vary depending upon how the different quantities of metals were mixed together. The metals would be combined to form an alloy which would be left to cool before being beaten into the familiar bowl shape. However, each of these ancient bowls varies and can have more or less than the seven traditionally used metals. This would support the theories that it was the travelling smiths who produced the bowls as, during their travels, not all the metals would have been available which explains why each bowl might be of a different composition.

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How Can I Learn To Sing Power Metal?

August 22, 2009

I’m new to singing and would like to sing Power Metal. I’d like to do something similar to Kamelot or maybe Versailles. Where do I start learning?
I’ve been playing guitar for quite some time and have a well developed ear.

The Do and Don’t of Scream Singing

August 20, 2009

Scream singing may seem like noise to some, but it is really a very complicated process. If you are into death metal singing, you need to learn to scream properly.

The first key to scream singing properly is to be patient. It can’t be done overnight. It can take months or even years to perfect. Don’t become impatient and scream more than you are capable of. You could seriously damage your vocal chords doing that. Also, when you do scream singing, don’t use all of your air up at once. It will hurt. Remember that everything is good, in moderation.

You should also learn about head resonance, before you learn to scream. Melissa Cross uses a good method for that. She recommends that you put a pencil in your mouth and then sing both over and under it. That should give you a good example of head resonance.

You should also learn to scream nasally, when you are scream singing. That basically means that you should picture the sound coming out your nose. This is a healthier and easier option than singing from deep in your throat. You can also add small “yeh” sounds to vowels that are within words, as you learn to scream properly. That can help you to achieve a comfortable scream sound.

If you are skilled at death metal singing, it can also be a big help. Death metal singing is a good precursor to learning to scream sing properly.

Also, remember that a good singing warm up goes a long way. Treat scream singing as an athletic event. All athletes both warm up and cool down, if they are smart. You should do the same, by practicing some basic vocal exercises, such as scales, before you perform.

Vocal strain is no laughing matter, so if anything hurts, when you are scream singing, stop! Rest for a while. In fact, if your voice feels strained you should not talk at all for a while. However, if you must talk, don’t make the mistake of whispering, as many people do. All that does is block off your vocal chords and cause more damage. Use your normal speaking voice if you absolutely need to.

Learn to scream best by staying well hydrated. Drink plenty of water. Also, before a performance, you can drink cola, since it coats your throat and causes better reverberation. If you really don’t want plain water, you can try some diluted squash juice for more flavors. However, water is really a better option. Staying well hydrated can improve your scream singing voice, as well as your general health.

In Melissa Cross’s DVD, The Zen of Screaming, she explains that supporting your diaphragm is also important, during scream singing. You need balanced air pressure. Otherwise, your performance will suffer.

So follow these simple scream singing tips, if you want to learn to scream properly. Whether you do death metal singing or any other sort, proper screaming is important. You should be able to enjoy scream singing safely, after all.

How To Sing Metal Vocals, Like Matt Tuck?

August 19, 2009

My friends want me to sing in their band. Now I’m a good singer, if this was an R&B group I’d kick ***, but for metal I just can’t make my voice harsh enough. Can someone tell my like in a step-by-step way how to sing more metal like?

What Is A Drink To Have On Stage If You Sing Metal?

August 17, 2009

What is a good drink for stage if you sing Metal, not soft pop or opera?

Can Girls Sing Metal? Screaming?

June 30, 2009

You know how guys can sing high pitched like girls? well can girls scream like Johannes[Deadlock] or David Draiman[Disturbed]?
And if we can, how come I never hear any girl screamers?