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Strong Bad Email: Death Metal

June 29, 2009

Strong Bad describes what is and isn’t death metal.

Death Metal Vicar

June 25, 2009

DEATH METAL EASTER SERVICE These vicars show their love for Easter in a very different way. ORR ORR. Starring Daveyboyz: Edward Frizzelle: PRESS ATTENTION: Here are some pictures you may download and use freely concerning the vicar. Thanks to the Church, David N and Barrie for all your help in making this.

Eagles of Death Metal – Cherry Cola

June 20, 2009

Music video for Cherry Cola by Eagles of Death Metal. Ripped by DFiLeR/MoSH.


June 15, 2009

Eagles of Death Metal “Wanna Be In LA” – standard versions

June 10, 2009

Eagles of Death Metal “Wanna Be In LA” standard versions… Heart On out Oct. 28


June 5, 2009

FOR HIGH DEFINITION YouTube Version: It is my Tribute to GREAT melodeath band KALMAH. I put samples of the 14 KALMAH songs.. It was hard to decide which songs to put into the video.. Because of the limited video upload duration of YouTube, I could only cover some of the great songs, but I am planning to put the rest into my next Kalmah video.. Thanks for watching… Note to Fans: KALMAH’s fifth album was released in early April 2008. The complete tracklist of this awesome …

Death Metal Office Drumming

May 31, 2009

Here’s me with a song by the band Suffocation, entitled “Infecting the Crypts”. Follow me at Rock on!

Six Feet Under – “Deathklaat” Metal Blade Records

May 26, 2009

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Death Metal TV News Report Morbid Angel David Vincent Deicide Obituary Cannibal Corpse

May 22, 2009

old report

A muppet death metal special.

May 16, 2009

Original Video made by me. The song is Cryptopsy – Mutant Christ Thisvideo conforms to youtube’s terms of service regarding parody and fair use. The contents of this video are for parody entertainment purposes only and it falls under all fair use guidelines that youtube cites in their policy.