Darkest Hour – Eternal Return Reviews

Eternal Return

To close off the decade in style, DARKEST HOUR has crafted a recordthat will make heads spin and inspire metal fans world-wide. Faster, heavier, and deeper than anythingthey have ever recorded, The Eternal Return is the defining record of this proud American metalinstitution. The Eternal Return is epic and furious metal written by metal-heads for metal-heads. Quitesimply, this is a record created by musicians who have dedicated half their lives to aggressive andunrelenting music. T (more…)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is one of the best metal albums of the year (along with Mastodon's Crack in Skye). When I first heard I thought it as a not-so-good yields us / Undoing Ruin, but man was I wrong! Darkest Hour, gave us the goods again, and still more slowly. I'm not one to buy CDs, but I will definitely choose this up if I get the chance.
      not talking about the album as a whole, here is a song by song breakdown:
      1st The transfer of the Flesh – A large, hard road to the album, not one of my favorites, but still good.
      2nd Death Worship – reminds me of “sanctuary” deliver us from, not all, but still very good to hear.
      3rd The Tides – The first major title (IMO) with a cool flashy solo mid-song.
      4th No God – The album of the first single and one of the best songs. Catchy verse riffs, dark text, short solos, and an end reminiscent of “The sadist nation”. Can not go wrong here.
      5th Bitter – The shortest song at 1:19, and something like “Stand and you will receive your verdict.” Nothing special here.
      (For me, this is where the album really picks)
      6th Selig infection – This is for all fans who love Mark of Judas. One of my favorites, and fun to play.
      7th Transcendence – An awesome, heavy song pumped in order to provide you with a beautiful solo.
      8th A distorted utopia – clocking in just under 3 minutes, this only adds to the 2nd Half the size. And if you're wondering “why the harmonization of the solo sound familiar?” It is because they are just identical with “Fire in the Sky.”
      9th Black Sun – Possibly my favorite song. The dark, heavy choir is second to none and the solo is not some throwaway society blur. When the song “Deliver Us” was darker, it would probably be.
      10th Into the Gray – The intro sounds like “Tunguska”. The choir is the very high-pitched guitar and the guitar itself is fantastic. And a heavy outro to the album.
      Overall, it is a “must-have for metal fans. Darkest Hour Fans should not be disappointed (I was not sure).
      Pros: guitar work, lyrics, solos, harmonies (which Darkest Hour Great)
      Cons: Only 10 songs, some songs are too short, at times sounds recycled paper
      And in case you were wondering, Kris Norris Mike Carrigan was on the guitar, and this does not have melodic vocals, as deliver us . And yes, this is what Darkest Hour sound as if they are their best moments from their earlier records (they said it themselves).

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