Death Metal Office Drumming

Here’s me with a song by the band Suffocation, entitled “Infecting the Crypts”. Follow me at Rock on!

25 responses to “Death Metal Office Drumming”

  1. Kleaver13GDW says:

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  2. TheZubeTube says:

    Thanks for that.. I’ve seen his others and there perfect.

  3. mandrillow1 says:

    it’s fake!
    and awesome!

  4. halodrumzrule004 says:

    ahahahahahaha this is gr8 :D

  5. randolph1977 says:

    rrarrrrrrr ooooooooo, that shit was funny

  6. 3etnies says:

    nah i don’t thinkits fake. it must be real cause he’s hitting the right drums at the right time so i don’t think he’s fakin it.

  7. YagLana says:

    Dude this guy isn’t even playing to the song wtf awful

  8. I3Icj says:

    Your Stupid

  9. ALLYRNUBZ says:

    Hahaha towards the beginning i was like “wtf is this” but i gotta admit this guy has talent :D :D.
    Rock out dude xD!!

  10. catriel1 says:

    I don’t know if it’s fake or not, but it is funny xDDDD

  11. natick79 says:

    fuck yeah dude real or not this is good shit

  12. vampiryctyrants says:


  13. TwoLittleDrummer says:

    E-Drums sind sau scheiße spiel man lieber auf ein richtiges Akkustig-schlagzeug und außerdem sieht das sau behindert aus wie du da rumm schreißt oder nur so tust^^ nur zum lachen^^

  14. CrazedRazor says:

    i agree thats its funny but how can you posibly think that its real

  15. TheBaBaZuLa says:


  16. dannyroxx13 says:

    perfect fucking waste of a $6,000 e-kit and prolly some decent pedals.

  17. Zomgsin says:

    You obviously have never played real drums.

  18. richardblabla says:

    lol i was gonna comment ripping into the people who thought it was fake then stopped when i saw his guitar solo. Would have looked real dumb..

  19. Zeportuga says:

    \m/ UHHHHHH!!!

  20. godsnash says:

    it is fake but HE IS AWESOME

  21. zeeperdeek says:

    how can you say se is shit cause this is fake? i have been playing drums for almost 10 years and i couldnt even fake that! hahaha. thumbs up to this guy. he plays this almost exaclty in time. and the expressions just make it plainly AWESOME. so piss off to everyone that reckons he is shit. i would like to see someone else do this!!. keep rocking dude.

  22. janson912 says:

    lmfao ur retarded hes playing everything almost perfect

  23. bigbirdweb says:

    Nice going Pud. Rock on.

  24. Strut117 says:

    lol Pawz At 0:12 ROFL!!

  25. NastyaRussianBeauty says:

    lol……nice!!!!!!!! love the begging!

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