Death Metal Vicar

DEATH METAL EASTER SERVICE These vicars show their love for Easter in a very different way. ORR ORR. Starring Daveyboyz: Edward Frizzelle: PRESS ATTENTION: Here are some pictures you may download and use freely concerning the vicar. Thanks to the Church, David N and Barrie for all your help in making this.

26 responses to “Death Metal Vicar”

  1. WeWtube13 says:


  2. JeimmyX says:

    Thats like Kurt Cobain Voice xD

  3. MetalxHeadxTravis666 says:

    What… The… Fuck…

  4. imdakid97 says:


  5. cachomaiden says:


  6. MetalMotherFucker360 says:

    This is shit…

  7. CHUCKSTERV says:

    Hahaha, So good

  8. Guseri1 says:

    so is your face

  9. natulver says:

    it sound to me like early stile in therion vocals

  10. tuhksuhkur14 says:

    Two Letters: X And D. so basicly it comes to XD

  11. bifogufan16 says:

    haha funny

  12. gaboenanton says:

    wtf… hehhehe I like it!!

  13. thetreadingbehemoth says:

    haha it makes me laugh how he looks up n then goes bonkers!

  14. slytherinsheirx says:

    Awesome! The bit with them headbanging is class!

  15. Killswitch188 says:

    No, just no…….

  16. LastOneStandingStill says:

    Easter you get chocolate eggs \m/

  17. 87gaga06 says:

    nice growling

  18. CallumCarcass says:


  19. matoman7 says:


  20. lptvchester says:

    i’ve never undeerstood if is you singing

  21. CheeseForeva13 says:

    bloody hell that was funny

  22. 15systemofadown says:

    jaj prefiero k haya misas asi xD

  23. verneleeper says:

    this dude is a riot

  24. jethi511 says:

    Is Daveyboyz the person who is actually singing for this?

  25. thecommandobear2 says:

    I’m so going to Church if there all like that

  26. Trevor says:

    The singer is Edward Frizzelle from a comedy band called ‘The Doyles’

    That song was originally called ‘It’s All About Easter Man’ and was on their second album ‘The Doyles’

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