Deep Focus – Heavy Metal

Quality track from deepfocus

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  1. comlay90 says:

    at the pinacle of modern sound!!!!

  2. Dipolimatic says:

    Guys, I think we should make an event in a club in London or something to promote liquicity! You could easily get 1000+ people and it would be huge in promoting these artists. What do you think?

  3. urbanninjas1234 says:

    yea goood

  4. urbanninjas1234 says:

    and do parkour while they play there music ill go!

  5. PropaneAtomic says:

    i’d fookin go and i live miles away :P

  6. W00Pg says:

    If I didn’t live on the other side of the world, I’d go.
    Why not do that? Get a team together to sort it out.

  7. superplexbeats says:

    I’d be up for that. What have you got planned? Let’s set up a night called ‘Liquicity’ with his permission of course. I’d be willing to finance a bit of it. Send me a message me.

  8. Piets8 says:

    Can we attempt one in Toronto as well? (also for the love of god make it all age… because i would prefer not to have to find myself a fake ID just to go to this event if it does happen in toronto :P )
    Either way i would love to do some tricking to this!

  9. darylbuss says:

    quality tune! why havnt i heard of these guys b4?

  10. dgcrew says:

    What I don’t like is, if you do a Free Running jam it’s about Parkour and Tricking since Free Running is Parkour + Tricks. Many times when they do a jam they only do tricks 8 o 10 pple and the rest just watch.

  11. dgcrew says:

    Does the song really says “push that shit”?

  12. SaburukoYaMum says:

    its just one guy

  13. SaburukoYaMum says:

    push that GT. I believe

  14. JoEsTaInEsBaA says:

    this is the song u can just chill out 2 n listen to all day

  15. xmmxsheba says:

    a freerunning jam is about “expressing yourself”. and just doing things your way. most people do that simply by tricking especially at jams.

  16. dgcrew says:

    Then they should call it Tricking jam, cause Free Running is composed by Parkour and Tricking but if no Parkour is shown, it isn’t anymore Free Running.

  17. xmmxsheba says:

    i said people do tricking mainly because it is one of the best ways to express urself. they dont do only tricking..

  18. hrperformance says:

    quality deep focus, what a cool tune

  19. koentjuh says:

    That’s where you are wrong, because they are just doing flips, You cant call it tricking either. Becaus tricking is twists kicks flips. And not just doing tumbles and stuff, and flips fromt stuff off. That’s just NOT tricking

  20. adotwhite says:

    shits tite

  21. overflowFITCH says:

    haha u lot are lame
    arguin bout tricking
    tricks only come into jams cause people wanna show off
    like me wit
    can u lot even trick

  22. koentjuh says:

    I guess you didnt look at my videos

  23. voisek says:

    we dont give a shit about ut vidos dick

  24. JVDL1993 says:


  25. Ehndiee says:

    About whose??

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