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Country: Germany
Genre: Power Metal
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Current Line-Up:
Vocals : Hansi Kursch
Guitar : Andre Olbrich
Guitar : Marcus Siepen
Drums : Thomen Stauch

Live [2003]

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01 - War Of Wrath
02 - Into The Storm
03 - Welcome To Dying
04 - Nightfall
05 - The Script For My Requiem
06 - Harvest Of Sorrow
07 - The Soulforged
08 - Valhalla
09 - Majesty
10 - Mordred's Song
11 - Born In A Mourning Hall
12 - Under The Ice
13 - Bright Eyes
14 - Punishment Divine
15 - The Bard's Song
16 - Imaginations From The Other Side
17 - Lost In The Twilight Hall
18 - A Past And Future Secret
19 - Time Stands Still
20 - Journey Through The Dark
21 - Lord Of The Rings
22 - Mirror Mirror

Blind Guardian - Live [2003]

A Night At The Opera [2002]

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01 - Precious Jerusalem
02 - Battlefield
03 - Under The Ice
04 - Sadly Sings Destiny
05 - The Maiden And The Minstrel Knight
06 - Wait For An Answer
07 - The Soulforged
08 - Age Of False Innocence
09 - Punishment Divine
10 - And Then There Was Silence
Blind Guardian - A Night At The Opera [2002]

Nightfall In Middle Earth [1998]

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01 - War Of Wrath
02 - Into The Storm
03 - Lammoth
04 - Nightfall
05 - The Minstrel
06 - The Curse Of Feanor
07 - Captured
08 - Blood Tears
09 - Mirror Mirror
10 - Face The Truth
11 - Noldor
12 - Battle Of Sudden Flame
13 - Time Stands Still
14 - The Dark Elf
15 - Thorn
16 - The Eldar
17 - Nom The Wise
18 - When Sorrow Sang
19 - Out On The Water
20 - The Steadfast
21 - A Dark Passage
22 - Final Chapter

Blind Guardian - Nightfall In Middle Earth [1998]

The Forgotten Tales [1996]

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01 - Mr - Sandman
02 - Surfin' USA
03 - Bright Eyes (Acoustic)
04 - Lord Of The Rings (Orchestral)
05 - The Wizard
06 - Spread Your Wings
07 - Mordred's Song (Acoustic)
08 - Black Chamber (Orchestral)
09 - The Bard's Song (Live)
10 - Barbara Ann / Long Tall Sally
11 - A Past And Future Secret
12 - To France
13 - Theatre Of Pain (Orchestral)

Blind Guardian - The Forgotten Tales [1996]

Imaginations From The Other Side [1995]

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01 - Imaginations From The Other Side
02 - I'm Alive
03 - A Past And Future Secret
04 - The Script For My Requiem
05 - Mordred's Song
06 - Born In A Mourning Hall
07 - Bright Eyes
08 - Another Holy War
09 - And The Story Ends
Blind Guardian - Imaginations From The Other Side [1995]

Tokyo Tales [1993]

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01 - Inquisition
02 - Banish From Sanctuary
03 - Journey Through The Dark
04 - Traveler In Time
05 - The Quest For Tanelorn
06 - Goodbye My Friend
07 - Time What Is Time
08 - Majesty
09 - Valhalla
10 - Welcome To Dying
11 - Lost In The Twilight Hall
12 - Barbara Ann

Blind Guardian - Tokyo Tales [1993]

Somewhere Far Beyond [1992]

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01 - Time What Is Time
02 - Journey Through The Dark
03 - Black Chamber
04 - Theatre Of Pain
05 - The Quest For Tanelorn
06 - Ashes To Ashes
07 - The Bard's Song - In The Forest
08 - The Bard's Song - The Hobbit
09 - The Piper's Calling
10 - Somewhere Far Beyond
11 - Spread Your Wings
12 - Trial By Fire
13 - Theatre Of Pain (Classical Version)

Blind Guardian - Somewhere Far Beyond [1992]

Tales From The Twilight World [1991]

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01 - Traveler In Time
02 - Welcome To Dying
03 - Weird Dreams
04 - Lord Of The Rings
05 - Goodbye My Friend
06 - Lost In The Twilight Hall
07 - Tommyknockers
08 - Altair 4
09 - The Last Candle
10 - Run For The Night (Live)
Blind Guardian - Tales From The Twilight World [1991]

Follow The Blind [1989]

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01 - Inquisition
02 - Banish From Sanctuary
03 - Damned For All Time
04 - Follow The Blind
05 - Hall Of The King
06 - Fast To Madness
07 - Beyond The Ice
08 - Valhalla
09 - Don't Break The Circle
10 - Barbara Ann
Blind Guardian - Follow The Blind [1989]

Battalions Of Fear [1988]

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01 - Majesty
02 - Guardian Of The Blind
03 - Trial By The Archon
04 - Wizard's Crown
05 - Run For The Night
06 - The Martyr
07 - Battalions Of Fear
08 - By The Gates Of Moria
09 - Gandalf's Rebirth
Blind Guardian - Battalions Of Fear [1988]

Blind Guardian Biography

Having risen to the top of the power metal world, Blind Guardian have become so much more than that; the band have become recognized simply as a musical group whose emotion-packed music written with vivid imagination has attracted fans of all walks of life. While it's normal to hear that "they are big in Europe and Japan" about bands like this, it can be said they are on their way to being huge stars in North America as well-and that's a rarity in the normally unfriendly (towards melodic metal) American market. With little press, no radio and lack of major record store chain support, Blind Guardian have quietly sold a very respectable amount of units. Virtually through word-of-mouth, Blind Guardian have developed a rabid fanbase that buy every release, every import and every bootleg they can find as soon as it is available. Looking for the next big thing? It's already here, and it started in the small town of Krefeld, Germany...

Originating under the name Lucifer's Heritage, the group soon changed their name to Blind Guardian and released two demos, titled Symphonies Of Doom (1986) and Battalions Of Fear (1987), which garnered them a deal with No Remorse Records. Their 1988 debut album Battalions Of Fear, produced by Kalle Trapp (Saxon, Grave Digger) was received with great respect among the heavy metal underground due to its uncompromising mix of speed and power metal with classic elements. In 1989 Follow The Blind, also produced by Kalle Trapp, saw Blind Guardian experiment using orchestral parts for the first time. This recording also introduced the band to Japan where it stayed high on the import charts for many months. With two highly praised releases now under their belt, the act knew the third one was crucial to their success and could very well raise them from the underground. In Germany, Tales From The Twilight World sold 30,000 copies in no time and thus marked the band's breakthrough in their home country. The group's continued evolution saw them utilize more classical and orchestral elements, perhaps in the process making their brilliant music more accessible to a broader fan base. These evolutionary steps intermixed with the band's speed and power would become their trademark sound. Their acclaimed music, along with their impressive sales, had labels across Europe courting the band. The act did sign with a larger label, but not the typical step up to a well-known independent label; 1992 Blind Guardian signed with Virgin Records, making them one of the very few power metal bands to be signed to a major label. Although not officially released in America, Somewhere Far Beyond quickly sold 130,000 copies worldwide and resulted in their first trip to Japan a year later where a live album was recorded. The live album, Tokyo Tales (1993), proved that Blind Guardian had matured internationally as on this very first tour of Japan they played sold-out venues of over 2,500 people a night. In the summer of 1994, they journeyed to Copenhagen's Sweet Silence studios to record Imaginations From The Other Side with world-renowned producer Flemming (Metallica's Master Of Puppets and Ride The Lightning)) Rasmussen. This turned out to be their most mature work to date. Even though success is usually celebrated by simply putting out 'best of' albums, Blind Guardian chose a different way. Instead of making their fans spend money on well-known stuff, they went to the trouble to offer something special. In the spring of 1996 the band released Forgotten Tales, which contains some cover songs, a live track, four acoustic songs, and one orchestral version of previous Blind Guardian songs.

Having spent over two years in the making, the band's musical genius continued on Nightfall In Middle-Earth (1998). Once again with the help of Flemming Rasmussen (mixing and engineering), the group created a finely sculpted concept album based on JRR Tolkien's The Silmarillion. Although technically twenty-two tracks, there are eleven songs on this release that vary from the rage of uncontrolled power, speed, opulent epic orchestral sequences and softer, acoustic renaissance-type parts. The interlude tracks are intricately woven with troubadour singing, minnesinger, spoken words and flute and violin arrangements to evoke a powerful atmosphere to complement the songs. This release helped Blind Guardian conquer another foe--the American market. Finally on this record the band, through Century Media Records, would see an official American release. Fans across the North American continent rejoiced at the thought of no longer paying the atrociously high import price, let alone actually finding the record in stores. A year after it had come out in Europe, Nightfall In Middle-Earth hit the stores in North America and sold an amazing 20,000 units. The label quickly made available Imaginations From The Other Side, Somewhere Far Beyond and Tales From The Twilight World, all of which sold a near equal amount as Nightfall.

After a short interlude in which vocalist Hansi Kürsch joined up with Iced Earth guitarist Jon Schaffer on the highly celebrated Demons And Wizards project, the band got back to work writing and recording. After nearly two years, a partial sample of this hard work was released in the form of "And Then There Was Silence" - a fourteen-minute epic, released as a prelude to A Night At The Opera. Produced by Charlie Bauerfeind (Angra, Helloween, Gamma Ray) at Twilight Hall Studios in Grefrath-Oedt, Germany (as was the rest of the full-length), "And Then There Was Silence" took four months to record using more than 128 tracks, including fifty for the vocals and thirty for the guitars. The single arrived to rave reviews, and hit the top ten singles charts in Spain, Canada, Germany and Japan. Having kept the fans waiting long enough, the band's monumental new release, A Night At The Opera, is now here! An explosive effort that's filled with dramatic storytelling and seldom-paralleled musical talents, A Night At The Opera will more than satisfy the band's current fans and draw in new ones with its polished sound and emotion-drenched musical barrage. Blind Guardian have always presented a large variety of fast songs, slow songs and big, classical opera-influenced songs with larger-than-life choruses - all of which are fully represented here. "Punishment Divine" will pummel fans with its thunderous double-bass and driving guitars-all set to an incredible hook, and an even better chorus. Fans of the Dragonlance saga should pay particular attention to "The Soulforged," a foot-stomping anthem to the series' most infamous character, Raistlin Majere. Of course a Blind Guardian recording wouldn't be complete without a lighter-waving sing-along ballad, and the group serves one up in grand fashion with "The Maiden And The Minstrel Knight." The band have had an incredible career so far, breaking down barriers and taking their music to a level achieved by few musicians. Blind Guardian are one of a select number of groups to not have a member change ever in over ten years of existence, perhaps that is what happens when a band remains true to themselves while enjoying tremendous worldwide success.

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