Don Felder – Heavy Metal (Takin’ A Ride) (Stereo!) (Major Boobage fair use parody)

To enable STEREO click HQ or click here: Lyrics: Drive it on up and let’s cruise a while Leave ‘em very far behind You can hedge your bet on a clean corvette To get you there right on time Now if you’re ready to dive into overdrive…

25 responses to “Don Felder – Heavy Metal (Takin’ A Ride) (Stereo!) (Major Boobage fair use parody)”

  1. jonrd21 says:

    you want to fuck dudes if they got boobs? nigga u gay

  2. RockerHU says:

    Kenny’s car was a Pontiac firebird?

  3. lukea398 says:

    can i get this song on itunes!!!!!!???? please someone tell me.??? its better than the sammy hagar one!!!!

  4. BAKERS8BRDS says:

    Heavy Metal BY DON FELDER and their both good

  5. LouisLeGros says:

    Try looking for the soundtrack for the movie Heavy Metal

  6. harrvesterofsorrow says:

    favourite south park episode

  7. Nighthawk532 says:

    actually that was a Fireboob.

  8. StrayGator says:

    Felders other song from the film, All of You, is also a classic, but in a different style.

  9. jmag579 says:

    Tits make the world go round :D

  10. 289kr says:

    My favorite episode! Into the B-17. The chick aint bad either. Anyone know where to get the full length??

  11. Smuuth100 says:

    yeaaa dats the guuuuud stuuuuufff
    mikfuf and pisss

  12. wankstaz1 says:


  13. Pr3dat0r5000 says:

    Lol that part where he interviews that 6th grade girl and she has that deep interview voice, like darth vader!

  14. Harryclownie says:

    this episode s awesome… im really excited about the david fincher adaptation coming soon. should be amazing

  15. fearmenot22890 says:

    damn you and your rockin tits

  16. tastythighs180 says:

    where can you download this song? fucking itunes doesn’t have it

  17. UnknownConsequencess says:

    i didnt like heavy metal at all, but this is awesome! :D

  18. TonyParanoit says:

    3:58″I couldnt stay away, cause of Your rockin tits!”

  19. Kingerislord says:

    lols 4:30

  20. Coraxuss says:

    O__o Holy shit, even the parody of Heavy Metal was even done down to the detail style animation that was seen in the actual movie including the character designs. It makes you think that the producers of South Park may have actually hired the original animation artists of Heavy Metal to do this parody.

    <.< …. Don’t tell me they actually did, did they?

  21. SnowMan6317 says:

    The original movie was actually good, but this is better lol. Wish I was Kenny at that point. It’s kinda sad though, because you can see every boob in the world except for hers lol.

  22. SnowMan6317 says:

    Limewire, or Frostwire are the best places to go.

  23. takatoekoe says:

    is there a anime or manga of her?

  24. terminsane says:


  25. siscokid6661971 says:

    Lime wire and frost wire SUCK for windows. I use Linux so I don’t care

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