Eagles of Death Metal – Cherry Cola

Music video for Cherry Cola by Eagles of Death Metal. Ripped by DFiLeR/MoSH.

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  1. flux37d says:

    Yeah, and the eagles of death emtal arent raelly a side project, they’re a full on band now, that Josh Homme co created and works with on albums, mostly producing, but he rarely tours with them.

  2. atre89 says:

    … are they supposed to be funny?

  3. jejeqb says:

    they arent death metal thats right but they are still rock Oo

  4. TheVictimsX says:

    no theyre not rock

    they’re rock and roll. haha

  5. TheVictimsX says:

    are you supposed to be funny?

  6. riotgrrrlll17 says:

    trust me THAT is not josh

  7. ValHazzard says:

    hahahahahahahha….that was funny … nice

  8. Vounderbar11 says:

    i though josh homme wa sin this band?

  9. ALXgreatlord says:

    josh homme is the drummer in this band…and he is not in this video

  10. ocriffrath says:

    Food for thought for you ppl hung up on the name of this KILLER rock & roll band. Do you think ppl who went to see the Beatles,went to see, and were pissed when they didn’t see, a bunch of cockroaches perform?? Did they expect to see a stage covered in boulders,moving around, and only got to see The Rolling Stones?? There is a meaning to EODM’s name, so it’s not the meaning YOU expected. Get over it!! EODM = raw,energetic rock & roll !! If you can’t appreciate that, then STFU & get to steppin’ !

  11. Tayler3372 says:

    you are slow

  12. kobziara says:

    what is the ‘razamataz’?

  13. legion22NO says:

    lol, idiot.

  14. ManniVel says:

    then who’s playing drums?

  15. Rugrash says:

    Samantha Maloney is playing drums in this particular video. Josh and Boots do all the studio work together, but he rarely tours with the band. Like all musicians in Josh’s circle of friends there have been a number of different drummers that have toured w/ EODM as well at QOTSA, including Gene Trautmann and Joey castillo.

  16. Rythius says:

    first off “Beatles” is not a reference to a bug, its a reference to “beat” like rhythm. and none of those bands claim to be punk, or metal. this bands title claims a genre of music to be present. i still like the song but your comment was not well thought out. obviously your an Elvis fan and not a Beatles fan,lol

  17. ocriffrath says:

    Hey,Tayler3327, thanks for complimenting me on my ’speed’. I mean, you were comparing it to yours,right? I’ll give you some time to think about that one!

  18. lildeathdrummer says:

    where is the death metal

  19. wadeismyname00 says:

    its not actualy death metal :(

  20. PKudu says:

    No death metal? That’s false advertising LOL

  21. jdkit says:

    i hear ye, i thought there would be eagles , big ones at that

  22. ocriffrath says:

    Rythius,I agree with you about the meaning behind the Beatles’ name,however, in my original comment I was trying to make the broader point(what happens when people assume things and take too literal ,the meaning behind the name of ,or the title of something. I mean, they never use metaphors in rock ‘n roll, right? I wasn’t stating thee origins behind the Beatles’ name. Perhaps my comment was a little more thought out than you give it credit………

  23. ocriffrath says:

    …..If EODMs’ name claims a certain genre of music will be present, it would be a sub-genre, it would be EAGLES of death metal, not death metal. Anyway,enough of all this! How ’bout them Eagles of Death Metal? Quite the kick-ass rock ‘n roll band,aye?

  24. JVTarazona says:

    They must be “EAGLES” or death metal will rot their souls for the eternity, o como se diga en ingl├ęs.

    yaryaryar Its a joke from a metal hero.

  25. skyvalley87 says:

    I can’t believe that people actually think a real death metal band would call themselves ‘the eagles of death metal’. How lame would that be, having ‘death metal’ in the band name? Morons, “o I dun a search for deth metalz n found dis but der’s no deth metal!!!!” Use your brains.

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