Eagles of Death Metal “Wanna Be In LA” – standard versions

Eagles of Death Metal “Wanna Be In LA” standard versions… Heart On out Oct. 28

25 responses to “Eagles of Death Metal “Wanna Be In LA” – standard versions”

  1. scandycuz1 says:

    they actually sold their soul didn’t they..

  2. vacalaktico says:

    if you say so…but i donĀ“t find the death metal part on that

  3. KeybladeKorney says:

    There’s no Death Metal.
    They want to mix Death Metal? That makes no sense for me, TwilightRevolver…

  4. blaxsk8er says:


  5. TwilightRev8lver says:

    yea it doesnt sound like death metal influence but i guess it does to josh homme

  6. PepeBadAss says:

    Not death metal mixed. They said that some band there (i forgot the name) was the Eagles (band) of the death metal, for a friend, in a conversation. Get it, guys? Wikipedia its here for this. :D

  7. kemicon says:

    I think it’s funny so many people hate this band. If you want death metal go and listen to Deicide or Cannibal Corpse, or old Fear Factory. The name of the band is a joke I’ve always thought. It’s supposed to make you wonder how the hell you could even mix the Eagles with death metal. Also the riff at 1:17 is on point. Keep hating if you want to.

  8. andrijaVIII2 says:

    funny and great

  9. pyszard7 says:

    This band called Vader :)


    I love the intro.
    Soo solid.

  11. stevedave2009 says:

    Best song on MLB the show 09…for sure

  12. FutureFootballStar says:

    and midnight club la !!

  13. nottelling77777 says:

    2:00 ! actually nothing special, except when he does it, it’s funny :D

  14. Daniel13Laliberte says:

    not really death metal

  15. madn1ce says:


  16. voltAge9 says:

    yeah, fortunately

  17. 07Reyes07JA says:

    i agree this song is the best song in MLB 09 THE SHOW!

  18. arcticmonkeyzzz says:

    is it just me, or is this kinda psychedelic?…

  19. 0S4F1R0 says:

    this guys video is REALY CHEESEY, i like the midnight club L.A version much more better

  20. Jecko212 says:

    This video is so…….funky! ^^

  21. Irminia030 says:

    with the singer from queens of the stone age very cool

  22. omgwowwut1 says:

    it should be rubbish,but it’s just cool

  23. tomhalse1995 says:

    hes not in this you twat

  24. paradiseisalive says:

    it’s not just you, it really is. LOL

  25. paradiseisalive says:


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