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  1. Haig says:

    Take two very epic-sounding types of genres: folk metal and real Gothenburg (at the Gates, Dark Tranquility) and all their excellent musicianship musicians, and get the sound on this album.
      A few weeks ago I was listening to music choice, when suddenly this song entitled “Gray Sublime Archon” came on and was thrilled. It is an excellent blend of folk insturments, growls and clean vocals, and the Gothenburg-ish guitar riffs. The Growl / sung chorus comes with “Gray Sublime Archon I asked …” gave me goosebumps and is an example of the combination, if growls and clean vocals is a good idea. (a bad example when it goes wrong in Flames)
      So I bought this album and I must say, is that it is just as epic as the track. “Inis Mona” with its chorus sung deep and beautiful flute playing the melody, the many wonderful insturmentals together, and the song “Slania's Song” with female vocals really hold me.
      Even the weakest track is amazing IMO. “The gloomy Lay” is an extremely strong as the other tracks, but the people insturments in the chorus of vocals sometimes sound like they are all over the place and how it is too much happening. It was a difficult kind of listening, but still an excellent track.
      Overall, if you like Dark Tranquility, Finntroll, Moonsorrow, more folk metal bands to this album. You will not be disappointed.

  2. Hummer says:

    I caught these guys live a week or so ago, they were one of the bands opening for Kataklysm and Dying Fetus. I had never heard of them before and WOW, they have the above hell of a show, I bought the CD immediately after the series was and is no longer heard there. I was a fan of Korpiklani for a while, but I think I like their style of Folk Metal better. Great mix of metal guitars and ancient instruments (bagpipes, flute, violin, hurdygurdy). It works so well, they have a recording, the CD sounds great, but they sound even better in person!

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