Eyes Of Eden – Star

Is a German gothic metal band founded in 2005 by multi-instrumentalist and record producer Waldemar Sorychta.

10 responses to “Eyes Of Eden – Star”

  1. TheHereticPilgrim says:

    awesome song

  2. pathan92 says:

    Crazy britney spears? :|

  3. mlevites says:

    this sounds exactly like that one bon jovi song…

  4. ExplodingPenguins3 says:

    living on a prayer?? no way!! just the bass line.

  5. Lileroo says:


  6. ShoutAfterLOVE says:

    gute musik aus deutschland ;D

  7. lolsdemuerte says:

    muuuy bnbuena musik

  8. quickfirepl says:

    fuck jews :D 

  9. poopyscoopy5 says:

    well said

  10. girlofurfantasies says:

    well english is my 2nd language……….

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