Gamma Ray – Heavy Metal Universe Dvd Promo – Hell Yeah Live at Canadá,Montreal

25 responses to “Gamma Ray – Heavy Metal Universe”

  1. deanmasterbass says:

    como q ke karajo de musica es esa no seas pendejo! eso Es HEAVY METAL!!!! a lo que de verdad se le llama musica no como toda esa mierda que con toda razon estoy deacuerdo con redneck2560 rap,electronica,pop,perreo o la otra mierda es generada por computadoras!!!

  2. michelrfranca1 says:


  3. LittleBabyDragon14 says:


  4. ManuelMendezsTRAKE says:

    heavy metal universeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,
    we a heart in my music

  5. lambmacgee says:

    mataria a daddy yankee por poder ver a estos maestros en vivo asi solo fuera una vez

  6. ArowannaSwe says:

    When I was little I thought he sang:
    Happy Metal Universe!
    :) Good times

  7. lambmacgee says:

    hahaha happy metal universe :D

  8. theausdog says:

    well if i lived in a universe where the only music was metal id be happy :) .

  9. skeletonseyes says:

    I play it allways sooo loud that the House begins to shake!!!!
    he he he

  10. oldthrashhead says:

    You and me both!!!!!! ;-) )

  11. 7r1663r89 says:

    amazing solo, nice lyrics, power metal rules.

  12. pentan69 says:

    Do they say HEAVY METAL HAMMAER?

  13. wacken333 says:


  14. trx1961 says:

    a metal universe?? wow, id b there!

  15. chessox says:

    me too, gamma ray simply just kick ass

  16. AsC257 says:

    If you’re in there, count me in too!

  17. TheMetalRulez says:

    hamsters Dx hahah

  18. sasman888 says:

    Gamma Ray RULES!

    I love this song!!!!!!! ^_^

  19. Waelghard says:

    That is one tasty riff…

  20. PowerDaso says:

    Gamma ray is the best power metal band ever. No doubt.

  21. ismindavila says:

    probably top five, but not the best.

  22. legomagico says:

    cara acho que esse é um dos melhores videos do gamma, iraaaaddddoooo

  23. MrSeb858 says:

    top one !

  24. bokkafaveletreco says:

    i have kai hansen’s pick

  25. theausdog says:

    love it

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