Goth – Gothic – Goth Music – Goths – Goth Culture – Goth Girls The goth subculture is a contemporary culture found in many countries. It began in the United Kingdom during the early 1980s in the gothic rock scene, an offshoot of the post-punk genre. The goth subculture has survived much longer than others of the same era, and has continued to diversify.

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  1. actresschik95 says:

    i just decided 2 go goth a few days ago. school is really tough, now. (not like it wasnt b4) i hate labels and i hate Peters Township (thts where i live :( ) but i love love love this video!

  2. OurSurveySays says:

    Stereotype much?

  3. TheYellodog7 says:

    i believe that Goths are the best people around. Emo is a cheap copy of goth.I’m goth myself. I hate people who discriminate and judge.

  4. surfboardface says:

    me too but emos arent that bad im half goth half emo
    (which is basicly a more sensitive goth in the same clothes lolz)

  5. Blazefire200903 says:

    this video is shit but in HD it is fucking awsum keep on rocking!!!

  6. wingedwolf123 says:

    yeah like goth kids only cut them selves and for your info Emo is EMOtional Music so technically ALL music is emo especially country music

  7. dylanray123 says:

    i just went goth last week. this is awesome

  8. Plamka1993 says:

    Boskie!!! Kocham to ]:->

  9. David2point0 says:

    Oy gevalt!

    I had this playing in the background & then looked around at 1:41…

    That eye-less face scared the $H1T outa me!

    I’d've been all right if I’d been watching when it came up, but just turning round & suddenly seeing it with no warning I screamer’d myself!

    *Skulks off embarrassed at the massive self-pwnage…*

  10. darkpoetfarouk says:

    LOL!!!! Yeah, people tell me: “How can you listen to Metal and Goth? It’s so emotional and depressing.” I tell them: “Just read the lyrics to any country song…it makes the lyrics to Metal and Goth seem uplifting!!! LOL

  11. crane238 says:

    are so beautiful this people and I too hate people who discriminate the gothic music and people

  12. Kolgart says:

    I’m not a goth but I respect goth fans and I like the music. Can someone please tell me the name of the song? Thank you. Greeting from Andrei, Transylvania.

  13. MikeLamb24 says:

    Are there hot girls who are goth? Ive never met one

  14. actresschik95 says:

    Sorry for posting, but well I hope to be lucky with MY angel)
    i don’t usually believe in chain comments, but this one is pretty cool. u don’t need to do it, but when u read it, u might smile. :)
    There are 20 angels in this world
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  15. Coluir says:


  16. VictoriaR12 says:

    I am a old school gothic woman of 55, who lives a very eccentric vampiric life. I looked very different when I was young. I have always been gothed, even past gothic, in fact I resemble a very undead being. and I love this music even at my age…. keep it coming.. and i like to see the ideas and art work many do.

  17. evilginga says:

    hay its heven is a lie by lacuna coil

  18. Kolgart says:

    Thank you so much.

  19. nishes109 says:

    do goth folks eat there own relatives and sometimes even themselves, like there own fingers and blood ? i am from Asia and i have heard things about goths that are bizzare!! are they all true ?

  20. rage702 says:

    They’re all different really, think of it as a race of people with traditions, not everyone in that race is traditional and some may be, some more than others, everyone within that race being different from one another. Some goths take it only as far as wearing black. But now, what makes somebody a goth? :)

  21. rage702 says:

    I’d love to read more about your vampiric lifestyle.

  22. tigerqueen1112 says:


  23. Darkheartdemon13666 says:

    your kinda right im goth and im not a cannible but i (this is my opinion please respect it !) dont belive in god i wear black makeup and clothes i play vidoe games like any other kid and read anime i like stuff like Hellsing and Fullmetal Alchemist some do worship the devil but we dont even belive in him !

  24. 247insomniac says:

    i waz wondering who sings this??? i luv dis vid thou!!

  25. dragonsaz says:

    song name pls ?

  26. Kima says:

    lolz… guys, read the earlier comments. Evilginga already mentioned it above. This is “Heaven’s a lie” by Lacuna Coil, one of my all time fav songs.

    I love Symphonic Goth Metal, but am not into the Goth subculture. I am addicted to the music, but purely from an artistic perceptive. One doesn’t have to dwell in the subculture to love a music genre, you know… same way one doesnt have to be gay in order to listen to music by gay people. And then of course, there’s nothing wrong if one embraces the subculture too. It’s your free will.

  27. xsy goth says:

    mike lamb yes there is hott goth girls im hott jk im sexy ….
    let me describe my self im a size 2 in jeans got long straight smooth black hair i have big breast sexy…i dress in black wear black makeup but the write way i wear black eyeliner but not black lipsick cuz thats too black anyway im sexy and goth in the same time oh im emo ..and i drink.. party.. dirty dance in clubs…anyway this website is awesom..

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