Goth Music forever (elizabeth – XIII Stoleti)

♥♣♠♥♣♠♥♣♠♥♣♠♥♣♠♥♣♠♥♣♠♥♣♠ (12:45 AM) MUERTE (OJALA MURIERA) Las campanadas no cesan flores y velas se vendenen las calles tumbas que seran adornadas con ellas en pocos dias marchitas como los cuerpos ahi postrados. !Que triste es la muerte¡ casi tanto como la vida, aunque despues todo sea un recuerdo Solo los viejos conocen el poder del tiempo de una vida ligada a la muerte, los niños jugando a ser grandes los adultos deseando volver a su infancia Mi existencia termino

25 responses to “Goth Music forever (elizabeth – XIII Stoleti)”

  1. ErikdaMusic says:

    what is “gothic music”? answer that

  2. meowlopperdoodle says:


  3. heggeman46 says:

    Gothic music is the time for morning the dead and the dying

  4. saminka93 says:


  5. aboe112 says:

    woow this is so cool but who sings it?

  6. aboe112 says:

    I mean where can I download this.. xD

  7. vampirillablack says:

    I love that song

  8. subotai45 says:

    Tu escribiste el poema de alado??? enserio que tienes talento felisidades

  9. dazminy says:


  10. XXinsanewafflesXX says:


  11. VampireGirl12300 says:

    thts my name.haha im elizabeth deering

  12. amerikanfather says:

    nice try…

  13. anetkassss says:

    …ale klimat….mmmmmmm

  14. andypryce says:

    One of my favorite songs. Its by XIII Stoleti (13th Century) & is about Erzsébet Báthory (the blood countess) 1560-1614 who is alleged to have murdered around 600 girls, bathing in their blood to retain her youthful looks. As punishment she was walled up in a windowless room in Castle Csejte where she died after 4 years.

  15. jrspl says:

    Even if choice of instuments is not typical to gothic music (such as on “Amulet”), it is lyrics that that makes XIII Stoleti gothic

  16. shabatshalom12345678 says:

    my Jesus

  17. ceciliecullen6176 says:

    I really love it .. I listen to it every day :)

  18. whitehorsemunching says:

    beautiful – the raven picks up the crimson rose ……

  19. Operalover83 says:

    I listen to it also every day. Can’t get enough.

  20. tomavroxricopcaro says:

    the story of that woman is horrifying…
    real goth legend that woman….amazing..

  21. simonsn22 says:

    Exelence u know were i can dowload it?

  22. Harpqueen says:

    YEAH, its amazing how terrifying that woman must have been! Boy do I have a pity for those dear woman who died from that filthy beast!!!!!!!!! But Im a sucker for history and the gothic stories, since I am one myself, so its a really cool story!

  23. Blazefire200903 says:

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  24. n4rCotiC666 says:


  25. Destrojer666 says:

    Exellent music \../ (^.^) \../

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