gothic music celtic folklore

gothic music celtic folklore

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  1. ravenrapunzel says:

    Ever so darkly beautiful! I love it! My compliments to you on your fantastic work!

  2. ragadegas says:

    thank you for your visit and compliments

  3. rosanegraguinardo says:

    Really, is very pretty, thank for your work.

  4. twilightfern says:

    whats this song called!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. IEatYourPocky2009 says:

    beautiful !

  6. LuluBomber says:

    this is Anabantha – Nocturna

  7. LuluBomber says:

    how exactly is Anabantha consider celtic? when they are speak spanish and do not come from ireland nor sound celtic??? Celtic music is music like Loreena Mckennitt and like the group Celtic Woman. anyway, Anabantha’s music is amazing and fucking beauuutiful!!! and i really like your video! :]

  8. gothicfansmexico says:

    Es cancion de anabantha

  9. srsorel666 says:

    so pretty

  10. gf4blueeyes says:


  11. gothicbeauty6 says:

    i make dredlocks come check out my page if you want to check them out :D they are good and they are going for a realy good price :D 

  12. ALINELR91 says:

    I don’t no if this music is celtic, but the celtic people are not only come from ireland. They lives in scottland, britany (in france) and … in spain (and other region). So in not strange that one music is in spanish.

  13. cathi1994 says:

    I like it :)

  14. DeadGhoticPrinces666 says:

    omfg that girl at 3:07 she looks just like me:| wired

  15. 19pab24 says:


  16. FollyxXxFallen says:

    HAHA, my avatar! xD

  17. SeeraAi says:

    who is this sung by?

  18. THGY123 says:

    cual es el nombre de la cancion?

  19. THGY123 says:

    what is the song´s name

  20. Valnazar says:

    group: Anabantha
    song: Nocturna

  21. Valnazar says:

    group: Anabantha
    song: Nocturna

  22. Valnazar says:

    grupo: Anabantha
    canción: Nocturna

  23. Seduca says:

    nice song,
    Is that a spanish band?
    I like more to hear Celtik folklore in German ;)

  24. acrophiana says:

    ooh nice song ^^

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