Gothic Music Concert in Dortmund

A Gothic-Music Concert in Dortmund/Germany. Celebration of 1125 years “City-Rights” for Dortmund/Germany. Autumn 2007 with a Gothic Music Concerto Group: ARCUS from Czechoslovakia “Man is born to enjoy!”-Quote Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Music by Arcus-Gothic-Music. “Autumn Middle-Ages Market” in Dortmund/Germany Saturday, 3 of Nov. 2007 Arrangement & Pictures by Frank Lotz

19 responses to “Gothic Music Concert in Dortmund”

  1. Valentina108 says:

    Lively & refreshing Video. The music reminds me about the long gone times of the middle-ages!

  2. sattwica says:

    Very fine music, keep’s the “Godd old times” going!

  3. maratonmaraton says:

    very good i like it very much thanks to share this very nice videos. I like the music, the guys are funny! JGD

  4. frandra says:

    Watch out, dear friends of this Music from the “Middle-Ages”. This is Part 1.

  5. evanexi says:

    kinda irritating after a while, i think its the flute…after its the flute thats stuck in my head…

  6. engargol says:

    finally the word Gothic, used in association with the right time period

  7. shadowaizan says:


  8. franggio666 says:

    haha, ya r right, finally

  9. sosocat4466 says:

    great .. i love it ^_^

  10. Icedewil says:

    omg czechoslovakia is no more :D

  11. frandra says:

    A pity!
    The policy of the rulers since Alexander the Great: “Divide & rule!”
    Weaken (destroy) the Unity of the Countries & then overtake them!

  12. Jelda90 says:

    Ai vist lo lop….by ARCUS…GREAT ….

  13. Ellen3010 says:

    Wonderful! I never saw something like that. I loved it!

  14. Ellen3010 says:

    Hi frandra, would you mind telling me where to find the complete version of the music you put in the begining (before the Arcus sing?). I apologize for my bad English. I hope you have understood my question.

  15. keisukepasaway says:

    this is not a gothic

  16. frandra says:

    0f course- Original gothic music- Not modern stuff, but original music from the gothic times!
    Everything from today which calls it gothic is trash from the devil ages today !
    Gothic time was from 1000 till 1200 AC.
    Frank Lotz
    Artist & Author

  17. halfmumi says:

    What is the name of the song???
    Couldnt find it…

  18. srsorel666 says:


  19. Galad1988 says:

    But this is In extremo’s song O_O

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